How to make money on Chat Recruit

How to go about making money from the Chat Recruit platform, that offers different memberships and roles to take on and methods to make yourself extra money too.


Making a living by choosing to work online has become one of the biggest growing trends people are joining in. With the amount of time people now spend on their devices, platforms have made it possible to make money out of the time you spend online.

Chat Recruit is one of many websites that offers you the opportunity to earn some money from the time you spend on their site as a member, with different options of monetizing how you want to make use of your time, as a member of the platform.

Making money on Chat Recruit

Unlike some other similar online money-making platforms, Chat Recruit offers you a choice of different types of membership options that will suit you. While some platforms are strictly for online chatting, Chat Recruit will also pay you for Webcam Chat jobs, Adult Chatline jobs and Psychic Chat jobs.

Another great perk is the fact that it also offers you a choice of content creator opportunities, making it worth your while if you are already a content creator or an aspiring one. Models also have a space in which they can get to shine too, through modelling and television opportunities.

How to make money on Chat Recruit

What makes Chat Recruit one of the most unique platforms is the fact that it offers you multiple tools to make money, as it is not limited to just online chatting. It also comes with other ways of making extra money besides just using it as a chat platform, or as a creator.

Other ways that you can make extra money from your time spent on Chat Recruit includes making money from messaging, adding additional content onto your existing profile, promoting yourself, gathering enough ratings and feedback to earn gifts, and properly managing your phone or cam bookings.

All of these are alternative ways to make more earnings outside of the webcam, adult chatline, content creator and modelling and psychic webcam opportunities on offer for you. Making use of all or some of these extra tools will help you make extra cash.

Making more money on Chat Recruit from adding online content

With the many other ways of making extra money on Chat Recruit, adding more content onto your profile is one of them. This will boost you in terms of making extra earnings. An attractive profile is sure to attract more users. By the addition of more photos and videos of yourself, people will get to see more of you.

Adding photo galleries and video shows, creating diary and blog inserts and creating a FanClub are the ways additional content will work for your profile. Customers will pay to access your created content.

Ways content creators can earn on Chat Recruit

Chat Recruit is a playground for content creators, as it is not limited to online chatting services only. Content creators have the opportunity to join SoSpoilt, which is the partner platform allowing fans to pay for exclusive entry to creator’s content. Creators are allowed to keep 85 percent of what they make.

As a content creator, you are allowed to set your own prices for your subscriptions, messages as well as live chats. The pay-to-unlock messaging option obliges fans to pay to unlock your content, while you can charge by the minute for live chats.

How do Psychic Chat Hosts make money?

Chat Recruit offers psychic readers a platform to make themselves some money through using their gift of psychic readings. As a Psychic Chat Host, you are able to make money by specifying your own rates and getting paid for every phone and text reading that you perform. The more readings in a day, the greater the earning potential. You get the benefit of flexible work by determining your own working hours. Your earning potential as a Psychic Chat Host will depend on the amount of time you work, as well as your rates.


Online chat platforms such as Chat Recruit, will not only offer its users your typical chatting services but also open up doors to showcase other skills you might have such as being a psychic, a content creator or model, all while allowing you to make some money from it.

Besides the different memberships you can sign up for, you can also look at other ways of improving your chances of making extra money such as from adding additional content to your profile, to strengthen it and attract subscribers, responding to direct messages and promoting yourself via other platforms.