How to make printable downloads for Etsy

Printable downloads are a popular market on Etsy, and for anyone who wants to start a printables business, learning design is simple when using the right design software.

The digital downloads market is big on Etsy, with a range of Etsy stores selling printable downloads for a wide range of uses and purposes. Printable downloads can be made for a variety of products, which makes them convenient for printing and using.

There are different ways to make printable downloads on Etsy, and if you are particularly interested in getting into the business of making printable downloads, you will need to know how to make them, even if you may not have the skills on hand at first, it is still possible.

Printable downloads on Etsy

Printable downloads on Etsy involve the process of creating printable graphics, and digital drawings that can be downloaded and sold to customers.

One might assume that just because they do not know how to design anything digitally, that this automatically disqualifies them from being able to start a printable downloads business, but this is far from the truth.

Anyone can start their business, and all it takes is knowing how to make printable downloads for the Etsy market.

How to make printable downloads for Etsy

For those with no digital design skills, it may seem intimidating to make your very own printables to sell on Etsy, but it is actually not difficult.

It is possible to learn how to make printables yourself using different software programs that are specifically for designing printable downloads.

Most software is easy to use and learn for beginners that are dedicated to learning the ins and outs of designing printable downloads to sell to Etsy customers. The software you use should allow you to create PDF printables specifically.

Canva is a popular go-to software that works for most types of designs, and it is a great place to start for beginner designers.

Making use of online tutorials to learn how to design different types of printable downloads can help accelerate your learning journey and get you creating and listing your printable downloads in record time to start generating an income.

The free templates on offer also help get you started and allow you to improve on what is already in a design, adding your own flare from what you have learned.

With Canva, however, getting the Pro version of the software might work better and benefit you more, since some features on Canva, such as graphic elements, stock photos, and design templates are not permitted for commercial use and hence, do not allow you to sell them.

Buying your own commercial-use fonts and graphics to upload onto your Canva Pro is the best option.

What other software can be used to make printable downloads?

PicMonkey and Planify Pro are other types of software that you can use to make your own printable downloads to sell on Etsy.

PicMonkey is an easy-to-use website that accommodates most kinds of products. You can use it mostly for fast photo edits and to do design mock-ups for product images, as well as for so much more if you are willing to explore and learn how to use it.

Planify Pro, on the other hand, is designed more for creating products like printable planners, low-content books, and fun products like sticky notes.

Where can I find fonts and graphics for commercial use?

It is crucial to ensure that the fonts and graphics you choose to use are allowed to be used for commercial purposes. Fortunately, there are some sources that permit people to use their fonts and graphics for commercial purposes.

Creative Fabrica has plenty of free fonts and graphics as well as craft vectors that are made by designers and artists. Creative Market has commercial licenses that are a bit pricier, but with several high-quality fonts and designs.

Font Squirrel searches through the internet for free commercial-use fonts for you, and Unsplash offers users free high-quality stock photos for commercial use.

Checking for trademarks

It is of utmost importance that if you want to pursue the venture of making and selling your own printable downloads, you verify that you are not violating any trademarks with the phrases you are using in your designs (if you are using any).

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website will help you perform a search through the Trademark Electronic Search System. Etsy has the right to close your shop if you are in violation of a trademark.