How to make Reels on Instagram with music

There are only a few steps to follow to add music to your Instagram Reels and you can expand your library and include your own original audios.


Instagram Reels are short videos that users can share on the platform for engagement and increased reach.

This feature also allows users to easily add music to their videos, if they so choose, before they upload the Reel to their profile.

What are Instagram Reels?

The Instagram Reels feature allows all users on Instagram to share short, entertaining videos with other users on the platform. The Reels feature differs from the Instagram Stories feature in that you have the option to display your Reels on your feed and story.

Fortunately, many of the aspects used with other content on the platform, such as adding music and effects to your Reels, remain.

Reels are a great way for users to extend their reach on the platform since they can show up in your regular feed and in a dedicated space on the Explore page, which allow other users who may not be following your account yet to view your Reels and to decide if they are interested in the kind of content that you post on your feed.

How to make Reels on Instagram with music

One of the factors that make Reels on Instagram so effective is the fact that you can use sounds or music in them to make them stand out.

Adding music to your Reels is a simple process and can be done in just a few steps:

Step 1: Swipe right or click on the plus button to open the creator space for Instagram

Step 2: Select the “Reels” tab at the bottom of your screen

Step 3: Tap on the music note button on the left-hand side of your screen

Step 4: Select a song from the featured list, search for the song that you would like to use, or click on the “Saved” button to access the songs that you have saved

Step 5: Select the play button on the right side of the song to hear a preview of it

Step 6: Tap the title of the song to add it to your Reel

Step 7: Use the slider at the bottom of the screen to select the part of the song that you would like to use in your Reel

Step 8: Click “Done” once you have selected the right part of the song

The different music options for Reels

There are endless kinds of music that can help you accomplish a range of goals, you can choose this music for your Reels on Instagram.

Some of this music is:

Type of music Description
Trending sounds Sounds that are popular in that moment to use on Instagram
Songs for you Sounds that Instagram thinks that you will like
Saved sounds Sounds that you have saved to your personal library from other Instagram Reels
Original music Your own music that you would like to use for Reels

What to do about the limited library for business accounts

Although the Instagram Reel song library has many songs for users to choose from, the type of account that you have determines the availability of the music you are trying to add.

Business accounts on Instagram do not have access to Instagram’s entire music library for Reels. To work around this, you can change your business account category to “entrepreneur” by editing your profile under the Public Business Information of your account.

When you make your business category “entrepreneur,” you will gain access to more of Instagram’s songs, which you can then use for your Reels in the future.

How to add your own music to Instagram Reels

If you want to add your own original audio to a Reel or you want to use a sound from a different platform like YouTube or TikTok, you can just play this sound from your phone while you are recording your Reel.

If you play the song from your phone while recording your Reel, this will become an original audio and your username will appear next to the sound on Instagram. There are also various other platforms from which you can import audio to edit Reels.

Final thoughts

Instagram Reels allow users on the platform to add another, somewhat new form of content to their Feeds, Stories, and the Explore page.

Users can add music to Reels, from the trending library, saved audios, and their own original audios. This library can also be expanded by changing your business category to “entrepreneur.”