How to not be sad

Sadness is a healthy and natural emotional response to things that hurt us.

You cannot fully heal from hurt or pain without having felt sadness. It is important to allow yourself to experience this emotion so that you could expel the hurt out of your system. Constant sadness becomes a problem when it occurs over long periods of time with little or no control over it. This will eventually lead to depression – a mental health issue characterised by feelings of sadness and loss in interest. Save yourself from depression and learn to manage your sadness by adopting the following:

Feel your sadness

Allow yourself to fully immerse in your sadness and feel it, then cry it out. Crying is probably the best healthy and natural way of expelling pain and hurt out of your body.


It is important to give yourself the time and patience to heal. Forgiveness will help you heal from your past hurts.

Reflect on your sadness

Take time to reflect in order to learn and grow from your experience. This will also serve as a future reference to help you avoid making the same mistakes.

Spoil yourself rotten

Pamper yourself with lovely gifts. You could buy yourself flowers, eat out, get a new hairdo, buy new clothes, etc. Sometimes a little retail therapy will do the trick.

Do the things you love

We become our happiest when we do the things we love.

Discover new adventures

This does not have to be expensive and luxurious. You could try a new recipe you saw on tv or magazine. You could also try designing and making a new dress. Sooner or later you will be laughing at all your hits and misses or failed recipes. Go on and explore.

Sadness is a natural and healthy emotion. Allow yourself to feel it because failure to do so will lead to desensitization and callousness.