How to not care about what others think

Five effective ways of not worrying about what others think.

We cannot control how others perceive us. Equally, it is almost impossible to not be bothered by their thoughts, especially if they are incongruent with our own perceived reality. However, the decision to care and worry is entirely up to us. We all desire to be accepted and liked by others. Other people’s negative perceptions tend to make us feel anxious, worry and sometimes feel sad. However, we get to decide the extents to which external stimuli affects us emotionally. Here are a few healthy tips to help you deal better with negative perceptions from others.

Challenge your thoughts

Whenever you are occupied by what others think, try to challenge your thoughts and think about other possible realities. Being too focused on what others think will lead you to over think, which generally has negative effects on your mental health. Psychology Today – a digital blog for health and wellness news – proposes that when we over think, we tend to lean more towards the negative.. There is a high chance that people spend less time thinking about you. Always remember this to keep yourself sane and worry-free.

Know and accept that you are not for everyone

Realistically, not everyone will like you. Knowing and accepting this is the first step to making peace with other people’s negative perceptions of you. Also knowing that you cannot control how others perceive you, should give you enough peace to just be yourself and move forward. Whenever you have personality clashes or incompatibility with others, accept it and move on.

Know that you are not perfect

Expecting to be liked by everyone means that you are not staying true to who you really are. Human beings are flawed and these flaws in our behaviour may shape the way others perceive us.