How to prevent streaming videos from freezing

In order to prevent the video you are streaming from freezing, you can change you video or internet settings or you can implement long-term changes.

Streaming platforms offer a vast amount of entertaining content on a wide range of topics and an added sense of community for viewers.

To prevent streaming videos on these platforms from buffering, there are various video settings, internet settings, and long-term changes that you can implement.

Why people enjoy streaming videos

Over the course of the pandemic, many were spending much more time indoors. This has meant that these people have had more time to spend on indoor and online entertainment.

As a result of this, online streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch as well as video streaming services like Hulu, Spectrum, and Netflix have steadily increased in popularity.

For the most part, these streaming platforms, especially live streaming videos on these platforms, are popular, because they allow viewers to form a closer connection with content creators whose viewers can watch them playing games, painting, talking, or completing other activities in real-time.

Live streaming videos also creates a sense of community with others who enjoy the same type of content that you do.

How to prevent streaming videos from freezing

Since most streaming videos are meant to entertain viewers, it can be extremely disruptive and unpleasant if you experience freezing or buffering while watching your streaming videos.

In most cases, when a streaming video is continuously freezing or buffering, it means that the video that you are watching live has caught up to the “buffer”, which streaming platforms load ahead of what you are watching.

This, unfortunately, makes the streaming experience quite unpleasant, as this could either be a temporary problem or a long-term problem.

This issue could be caused by a number of factors, such as issues with your device hardware, issues with your internet connection, or even issues with your Wi-Fi router.

Fortunately, there are a couple of different solutions that you can try that could prevent your streaming video from freezing in the future, such as:

Solutions Approaches
Change your video settings This includes pausing the video for a short while and setting the quality of the video to a lower setting to prevent freezing
Change your internet settings This includes closing programs and removing unnecessary devices from your network as well as restarting your router to ensure that the streaming video is loading correctly
Implementing long-term changes This includes more permanent internet speed and router changes to upgrade your video streaming system

How to prevent freezing by changing your video settings

If your device’s video settings are incorrect, this could be causing your device to freeze, because it cannot stream the video fast enough. To try to combat this, you can pause the video for a short period of time.

This will give your streaming device’s system time to process the actions needed to display the video and it gives the “buffer” more time to load.

This also allows the streaming video to load a small part of the video that is after the section you are watching, which makes for a seamless watching experience.

You can also set the video to play at a lower image quality. The larger a file is, the longer it will take to transmit and process, so reducing this file size could prevent freezing and make it easier for the video to be processed.

How to prevent freezing by changing your internet settings

An ineffective use of your home internet network could also be the cause of your streaming video freezing. This problem can easily be prevented if you close other applications or websites that are open on your device while you are streaming.

These programs may be using additional bandwidth and resources, which could be causing your video streaming to freeze or buffer. Removing unnecessary devices from the Wi-Fi network will have the same effect and may fix the freezing.

Additionally, turning off your router and then turning it back on again could reset the router to perform optimally, which will ensure that your streaming video does not freeze or buffer.

How to prevent freezing by implementing long-term changes

These long term changes can help you upgrade your entire video streaming setup to more effective devices, which can prevent future streaming issues. However, it is worth noting that this means that the changes are more permanent and could cost you additional funds.

The simplest of these upgrades is to switch to a wired Ethernet connection from a Wi-Fi connection on your streaming device, for stronger connectivity.

However, improving your network speed or upgrading your router can also ensure that your streaming video does not freeze while you are watching in the future.