How to remove emojis from Snapchat videos

How can you remove unwanted emojis from your Snapchat videos using the iMyFone MarkGo and Beecut softwares, as well as other features both softwares have for video editing?


Using Snapchat to create videos is one of the ways people are interacting with each other every time they are on the app. Snaps in the form of photos and videos can be created with filters, and the addition of stickers as well as emojis for some extra expression.

However, what happens in the case where you have an emoji that you no longer like or want  in a video? There can be cases where an emoji may have been added onto a video by mistake or an instance where the original copy of the video was not saved.

Removing emojis from Snapchat videos

Depending on why you created a Snapchat video, you may have added an emoji to it either on purpose or by mistake and are now looking for a way of removing the emoji from the video.

This is possible to do with the use of third-party apps and software, as well as through video editors.

You may have recorded a video for something and added an emoji to it just for fun, but now find that you need to use the same video for something else without the emoji. If this is the case, there are ways to remove emojis.

How to remove emojis from Snapchat videos?

Whatever you have created a Snapchat video for and for whatever reason you might have added an emoji to it, there are ways to remove the emoji if you no longer need it in a video, but these will mostly be from third-party apps and editors.

In order to avoid finding yourself in a position where you need to manipulate a Snapchat video to get rid of an emoji in it, you need to ensure that you always save an original copy of the video first without any add-ons, watermarks and others such as stickers and emojis.

By doing this, you will always have the original copies of your videos to use whenever you will need them. To remove emojis from your videos you can use iMyFone MarkGo as well as Beecut, both of which are smart editing software.

How to remove emojis with iMyFone MarkGo

This is an easy-to-use software that allows you to edit and remove unwanted emojis and other things such as watermarks from your Snapchat videos.

All you have to do is install the software from the site and on the home screen and import the video file. Thereafter, you must click on the “Remove Now” button to erase the emoji you no longer need.

Once it has been removed, edit the area where the emoji was removed to alter it with the background and then export the video. Once you have completed this process, the emoji should no longer be there anymore.

How to remove emojis with Beecut

Another software Snapchat users can use to remove emojis from their videos is the Beecut software, which works for Snapchat videos as well as TikTok and Facebook videos.

To remove emojis, you need to open the website and on the Homepage will be an editing pictures and video option. Select the “Remove Watermark from Video” option and upload the video or multiple videos.

When the selection box pops up, move the box over the emoji and resize it. Click the “Erase” button to remove the emoji and wait a few minutes until done.

What are some features of both these softwares?

Beecut software lets you add some text to your images and videos, you can import up to 100 various files to remove watermarks and emojis, and it allows you to select different parts to be removed.

It is also good software for beginners to learn new skills and will offer different formats to save your files.

iMyFone MarkGo, on the other hand, is user-friendly and requires no prior technical knowledge for you to remove emojis.

It is easy to remove emojis leaving no traces of manipulations, and you can add watermarks to multiple files for copyright considerations.

Final thoughts

Recording and saving videos on Snapchat can be fun as you can share them with your friends on the app or use them for other things outside of Snapchat.

Cool features will allow you to add emojis onto your videos as an added benefit of expressing yourself freely.

In the case that you might need to remove an emoji in a Snapchat video, this is possible through software such as iMyFone MarkGo and Beecut.

These two software will allow you to edit your video and remove any unwanted emojis and watermarks and logos, leaving your videos looking like their original copies.