How to remove stickers from a TikTok video

How to remove and add TikTok stickers from your video before sharing it, and how to save videos in drafts for later.

Stickers and emojis are a fun way of being more expressive when conversing with people via chat. Stickers can be very expressive and can be used in messaging or added to a video. TikTok allows for stickers to be added to videos for extra expression or some humour.

There are a variety of different stickers to choose from that you can add to your TikTok videos, and they differ from moods, decorative stickers, lifestyle stickers, and nature stickers.

They can also be used as animated GIFS that can depict a certain mood perfectly and add extra appeal to videos.

Removing stickers from TikTok videos

Adding stickers to your TikTok video can give viewers a feel of the kind of mood you are trying to create with your video, but let us consider what happens in the case that you want to remove a sticker from your video and not use it anymore.

You can choose to remove a sticker from your TikTok video before you officially post it as you may not be able to remove it once you have posted the video. Deleting a sticker from a TikTok video can be done in a few easy steps.

How to remove stickers from a TikTok video

Removing a sticker from your TikTok video is as easy as adding it. You will need to edit your video before you post it, at which point you can decide whether adding a sticker to your video works or not.

To remove a sticker from your TikTok video, you need to long-press and simultaneously drag it towards the top centre of your screen where the “Delete” option will appear. Move the sticker to the delete icon until it turns red, then let go and the sticker will be deleted.

This needs to be done before you have posted the video to your feed, since it is not possible to remove the sticker after posting it and after viewers have already seen it.

How to add a sticker to your TikTok video

To add a sticker to your TikTok video you need to create your video and then tap the “Stickers” option on the right-hand side of the editing screen.

You can then go through the variety of stickers available in the Stickers tab. Furthermore, you can also choose to search for animated GIFS and use them as your sticker.

Choose your sticker then drag and move it to the desired spot on your video, let go of it, and your video will be ready to post.

Saving your video as a draft before posting it

If you are looking to create a video and you are not sure whether you want to share it yet or not, you can simply save it as a draft to come back to later.

This can be especially handy when playing around with stickers or emojis and deciding whether to keep a sticker or remove it.

To save a draft, you need to record and edit your video, tap on “Drafts” from the Post page, and this will save your video. The video will be stored safely in your profile’s drafts folder.

Adding a video cover for your TikTok video

For those who do not know what a video cover is in this context, it is the thumbnail people will see first when browsing through TikTok videos. You can choose a video cover for your TikTok before posting it to your feed.

To choose a video cover, you will need to go to the post page, tap on “Select Cover” on the video thumbnail, drag and place the pink frame anywhere on the video where you would like the cover to be, and tap on “Save” in the right corner.

Final thoughts

Playing around with stickers for your TikTok videos can be a fun way of adding character, humour, or a certain mood to your videos.

Stickers can easily be added to and removed from your videos. To remove a sticker from your TikTok video, you will need to be editing your video, and not have shared it yet.

Long-pressing and dragging the sticker to the top of the editing screen will allow you to delete the sticker with ease, and then post it once it is ready.