How to see hidden TikTok accounts

How to see hidden or private TikTok accounts discreetly, how to identify a hidden account and why people prefer to have a hidden TikTok presence.


TikTok users can choose to set their accounts to private accounts, restricting the visibility of their activity to certain accounts only. Usually, when an account is private, prospective followers will have to request to follow it and their request will have to be approved by that account’s owner.

Since private TikTok accounts require you to request access to them, some might wonder if it is possible to see hidden accounts even without requesting to follow them. This could be because you do not want an account to know you want to view its content.

Seeing hidden TikTok accounts

A hidden TikTok account is a private account that has restricted access to its activity and following/follower information to certain accounts only.

People may choose to have private TikTok accounts for a number of reasons, such as wanting to remain private or not wanting certain accounts to have access to their activity to protect themselves and their content.

Privacy is actually a good way to go about social media these days to protect one’s content from users who want to take advantage. So, is it at all possible to see hidden accounts?

How to see hidden TikTok accounts

For people who want to sneakily go through a private TikTok account without the knowledge of the owner or for those who are curious about how they can view a hidden account, they will be happy to know that this can be done in a number of discreet ways.

You will need to get creative to have access to a private TikTok account, or you can choose to just request to follow the account if your intention is not to hide. For those who want to remain discreet, creating a pseudo or fake account to follow them with is an option.

You could also look for them on other social media platforms besides TikTok, follow them using a friends account instead of your own, or use a FanClub account if they are famous.

What is a private or hidden TikTok account?

When an account appears as private on TikTok, as well as on other social media platforms, it means that the account has not been made accessible to the public.

You will need to have been approved by the user to follow their account. You have to request to follow a private TikTok account and the user needs to grant you access to it as a new follower to see their content.

Private accounts are usually created by those who prefer to limit their content to certain users.

How will you know if an account is private?

It will not be hard to know if a TikTok account is private. When you land on one, you will notice that when you click on the user profile, no posts will show up for you to view.

You will instead be met with a message stating: “This account is private” with another smaller message that reads: “Follow this account to see videos and likes.”

Should an account have a message saying “No content” this will mean that the user has not yet posted, and it is not private.

Why private TikTok accounts exist and are preferred

There are many reasons why some users opt for a private TikTok account as opposed to a public one. Not everyone enjoys the excessive attention that comes with posting on TikTok, therefore they may choose to remain as private as possible.

Some users enjoy having a sense of exclusivity when their account is private, and people want to view it. Private accounts come with search engine optimization benefits too, helping them rank higher in searches than public accounts. Private accounts help users maintain some privacy from strangers.

Final thoughts

Just because one is on social media, it does not mean that they want to be visible and exposed to  the public. This is why having the option to choose private social media accounts comes in handy for people who want to enjoy their online presence with limited audiences.

TikTok has the option to set an account to private. If you want to view a hidden account, you need to follow it or find discreet ways of gaining access to the account without the user knowing it is you. Private accounts offer a sense of security for many users.