How to see more videos per row on YouTube

How can users see more videos on their YouTube Homepages, what did users have to say about the new layout and design and why did YouTube make changes?


Your YouTube Homepage used to look a certain way and used to display up to five videos per row. However, with the new changes, videos have gone from five videos to four in a row. This is why some users are curious to know why YouTube made these changes.

The change in the layout of the YouTube Homepage came with some backlash, as users struggled to get used to the adjustment from five to three or four videos being displayed in a row. For those who do not like the new layout, there are ways to fix it.

More videos per row on YouTube

The YouTube Homepage has been known to display a certain number of videos per row for users.

Up to five videos could be displayed per row for users to choose from and watch, but since YouTube has done away with that old layout, users were left frustrated with the new reduced number as this has significantly changed the layout of the Homepage.

Users were left unimpressed by the new changes, stating that everything looked bigger and seemed exaggerated and zoomed in.

How to see more videos per row on YouTube

When YouTube decided to change the original layout of its homepage by displaying less videos per row, this was not met with eagerness by lots of users on YouTube.

Many people complained that they were not fans of the new layout, as it appeared to seem more zoomed in with larger thumbnails and less videos to choose from per row.

However, there are ways to change your YouTube Homepage back to see more videos per row again.

This involves the downloading of a Mozilla FireFox extension called YouTube row fixer. This extension will allow you to fix the new YouTube layout and also gives you the power to now set the number of videos you want to see per row.

So, with the original layout showing up to five videos, you can extend this number with YouTube row fixer extension.

Why did YouTube change its layout?

YouTube noted a number of reasons for its decision to change the layout of the homepage to reveal less videos per row to choose from.

The platform wanted to do away with some of the influx of information that was filling up the homepage to make more way for videos and their titles and thumbnails.

According to YouTube, this was to achieve a much cleaner look and design for the platform’s home page, much to the likes of users who still do not appreciate this new look.

What have users had to say about the new layout?

Most users were not on-board with the new look and feel of the changes in the design and layout of the YouTube Homepage, with less videos showing per row.

Some users took to Google Support to complain, calling it uncomfortable to view and asking for ways to change it. A user even emphasised how this was not needed and it disregarded users by not allowing them a say.

Other users expressed how much they hated the new layout, while another suggested that YouTube should let users customise their own accounts.

What other changes did YouTube make?

The new layout of the YouTube Homepage has obviously reduced the number of videos displayed per row to show four videos, which appear much larger with content looking more spaced out with bigger strips of white space between videos.

YouTube also added new features to the new design, such as the Add to Queue option on the desktop. YouTube also added higher resolution previews and has given more space for channel icons under each video.

In addition, it also got rid of its content shelves, meaning that videos will no longer be grouped together in these shelves.

Final Thoughts

The look and appearance of an online platform is something you get accustomed to the more frequently you are on the platform.

When a platform decides to change the usual design and layout of it, it can be frustrating having to get used to a changed newer version.

YouTube has also made this move by choosing to change the layout and design of its homepage, by reducing the number of videos that appear per row for viewers, frustrating so many users with the changes.

Users can, however, manipulate and change this by downloading FireFox’s YouTube row fixer.