How to sell photography on Etsy

How can photographers sell their photos by making use of different creative ways of selling their photography pieces to audiences on their Etsy stores?  


With Etsy being one of the most popular online marketplaces for the arts and crafts, as well as for creatives to showcase the best of their creative talents, it has become one of the best places for artists to sell their creative pieces for a profit.

Etsy is one of the best places for photographers to sell their photography online, as well as to showcase what they have to offer in terms of their creative craft. To be able to successfully sell your photography on Etsy, you will need to know the tricks of the trade.

Photography on Etsy

Etsy is a great platform for people to sell items that they make themselves and that showcase the best of their capabilities and passions, and photography is one of them.

Etsy offers a platform for photographers to list their pieces and sell them for a profit. This also helps them to make a name for themselves in terms of getting discovered for the work that they do.

There are certain factors to take into consideration when it comes to figuring out how one can sell their photography on Etsy and appeal to the right target market.

How to sell photography on Etsy

There are certain tips and tricks for photography sellers to follow when they are looking to make money selling their photography pieces on Etsy.

The most effective way of selling your photography on Etsy is through finding creative ways to do it, and there are many.

A photography seller can choose to sell their photography as physical printed copies of different sizes to their customers. They can also opt to sell physical products that have some of their photography prints printed on their products.

This is where Etsy sellers can get creative in terms of the types of products they can sell. Doing the necessary research can help sellers find products that are in high demand and can also have edits printed on them for selling. Selling digital photos is also an option as a way of catering to a more digital target market.

How to sell digital photography on Etsy

Sometimes, physical prints may not appeal to certain customers, and the goal of selling your photography is to ensure that it caters to a range of preferences of your target market. Looking into selling your photography in digital form will attract buyers who are more into digitized images, as opposed to physical prints.

Adding digital photos to your store can help increase the reach of customers for a seller. Selling digital content will, however, need sellers to know their rights in terms of copyright rules and regulations by informing customers on this.

Selling physical products of your photography

Selling physical products with your photography printed on these items is also another way to sell your photography pieces on Etsy.

Sellers will need to find the products that can work well with printed edits of their photography pieces, as well as also consider the kinds of products that will actually do well and sell with photo prints on them.

These physical items can include popular products such as mugs, merchandise and apparel. The goal is to ensure that your photography prints are able to be incorporated as prints on the items you sell.

Doing thorough research to find out which products to sell

It is important for a seller to do their research when it comes to how they can work with products that will include their photography to sell. Research can consist of finding out what type of photography people are looking to buy in both physical prints and printed items.

Making use of Search Engine Optimization can help you to see how people are selling products related to their photography, and this can be done by searching for keywords such as “flower photo” or “architecture photography” for some guidance.


No matter what you are selling, Etsy is one of the best platforms for selling your items. People have Etsy stores specialising in hand-made items and products that are also a reflection of their creativity and talents. Arts and crafts as well as photography are sold on Etsy stores.

For photographers looking to sell their photography from their Etsy store, finding ways of getting creative with their photos will help with better sales. Incorporating photo edits onto certain items, selling physical copies of their photos in various sizes, as well as turning their photos digital can sell on Etsy.