How to set up rules in Discord

How to set up rules for your Discord server as a server administrator or owner, customise rules, review your applications and add your server rules successfully.


Running a Discord server or any server requires rules to be set up to ensure that a server is a safe space for all members to freely engage and share their opinions with each other on the various topics of interest discussed in the respective server.

Discord is quite strict when it comes to the adherence to rules of the servers in the Discord community. It requires that all server owners set up rules for their servers to remain a safe community for all members and to maintain harmony.

Setting up rules in Discord

The setting up of rules for a Discord server ensures that everyone who joins it has an idea of the type of environment maintained under the server, and what is therefore expected of members in terms of behaviour and conduct as part of that server.

There are certain steps to follow when it comes to setting up rules for your Discord server, starting with ensuring that you have enabled “Community” in order to set up “Rules Screening” and your Discord server rules. Certain settings need to be adjusted to successfully set up rules.

How to set up rules in Discord

The first step to setting up rules for a Discord server is to allow the Community feature on the server. To do this you need to go to the server name, click “Next” and select “Server Settings.”

From the Server Overview screen, on the left sidebar under “Community” click on “Enable Community.” You can then proceed to press “Get Started” where you are now able to set up your server rules. Add your server rules and click “Save” once you are done.

All your prospective server members will have to go through a Rules Screening where they must agree to rules before they can fully become members through talking, reacting, and direct messaging other members on the server.

Users looking to join your server will see a bar at the bottom of the page asking them to complete some steps before they can join.

Customising rules and reviewing applications

As the administrator of your Discord server, you will be in charge of setting up a Rules Screening process for your server and your Membership Screening.

To customise your server rules and review applications for prospective members, you will go to your “Server Settings” and then head to the “Membership Screening” tab in the left sidebar.

Once you are at the “Membership Screening” tab, you can enable the feature by selecting “Set Up Membership Screening.” This will now allow you to look through and approve of those members who want to join your Discord server.

Adding Discord server rules from a PC

To add rules to your Discord server using the personal computer app, you will need to launch Discord web or the personal computer to sign in.

Go to your Community server and on the top left, click on your server name and choose “Server Settings.” Click on “Membership Screening” under the “Community” tab, and to add server rules, click on “Get Started.”

You can then enter the rule(s) you want to be implemented on your server or choose from the example of rules given. After adding rules, add a server description, then click “Enable.”

Why are Discord server rules necessary?

There are a few important reasons why your Discord servers need to have rules implemented, such as to reduce the likelihood of bullying, minimising spamming, and any form of harassment.

Rules are there to set the tone for your server and make your community a space that is free of any negativity, conflict, or ill-treatment of others.

Rules are important for making it clear to prospective members exactly how they are to conduct themselves as part of your Discord server and how they need to treat other members with respect in the virtual space.

Final thoughts

For someone running and maintaining a Discord server, it is important to implement certain rules that need to be adhered to by members who join your server. These rules are intended to maintain peace and harmony between members and to make your community a safe space for the exchanges that take place.

Discord prioritises that all admins ensure they have set up specific rules relevant to what their Discord server is about to maintain a safe space for all members to freely engage and interact, as well as to treat each other with respect, setting the right tone for all.