How to upload a video to YouTube from an iPad

How a video can be uploaded to YouTube using an iPad device; how many videos one can upload per day, and what to consider when making YouTube uploads.


YouTube is the biggest platform for content creators to showcase their work or themselves, through the making and sharing of their video content.

Typically, when you are a part of YouTube, you create videos that you will later upload to the platform to share with the YouTube community.

In order to upload your video, you would need to have the proper device such as a computer or a mobile device. Uploads can also be done using tablets and iPads and in the case of an iPad, you will need to know how to upload videos using an iOS device.

Uploading a YouTube video using an iPad

Uploading your final YouTube video products onto the platform will require the use of the proper devices. People will typically use a computer to perform this task, but some might prefer using their smartphones or their iPads.

The process of uploading your YouTube video from an iPad will be the same as that of an iPhone, since both are iOS devices.

There are a number of steps to follow to upload a YouTube video successfully from your iPad, with some considerations on different upload requirements, and how these pertain to your video.

How to upload a video to YouTube from an iPad

In order to upload your YouTube video, you will need to have the YouTube iPad app downloaded. Thereafter, you will need to go into the YouTube app and tap the “Create” button, then select “Upload a Video.”

Your video should already be stored in your gallery, and you will select it from the media in your gallery. If your video is 60 seconds or shorter and has a square vertical aspect ratio, it will be uploaded as a YouTube Short.

If it is longer, with a square or vertical aspect ratio, you can tap the “Edit into a Short” option to trim it and upload it as a Short, but this is optional.

Tap “Next” to add your video details such as a title and video description, then tap “Next” again. Lastly, tap “Custom Thumbnail” to upload a thumbnail, choose your audience by adding age restrictions, and then upload.

How many videos can be uploaded per day?

Content creators should note that there is a limit to how many videos a channel can upload daily.

There are, however, requirements that need to be met in order to increase your daily limit. YouTube will require verification from you via your channel history or your identity, if you want to increase your number of daily uploads.

YouTube Studio offers users tools such as standard, intermediate or advanced features, which all require verification to access increased daily uploads.

Featuring other creators in your videos

Some creators enjoy collaborating with others, and will feature each other in YouTube videos. The Featured in this video section shows when a video is featuring a top searched creator.

A link will be shared on the watch page to the featured creator’s channel, and viewers will be able to click on it to subscribe to the creator’s channel. This makes it easy for viewers to find new creators to follow and subscribe to.

Some top searched YouTube creators are tagged automatically, meaning you cannot tag creators yourself manually.

Things to consider when uploading a video to YouTube

You will need to take into consideration the length of the video title and description. These must not surpass 100 and 5 000 characters respectively.

Your video can only be 15 minutes or less, unless you have verified your account to upload a longer one.

To verify your account, you need to go to and follow the given instructions for the process.

You also have to choose your desired video quality for the upload, as well as set the visibility mode to “Private,” if you want to screen the video before publishing.

Final thoughts

Being a YouTube creator requires that you record your YouTube videos so you can upload and publish them once you are ready for the YouTube audience to see it. You will need to upload it first so that it is imported to YouTube, and then you can make changes.

When it comes to uploading, this can be done from your devices, such as a computer or a smartphone, but if you are using an iPad, you will need to have the YouTube iPad app and follow the set instructions for uploading properly before you can go ahead and publish the video.