How to use Snapchat for business

Using Snapchat to promote your business’s products or services requires that you register for a business account, interact with other users, and create advertisements on the platform.


Snapchat is a social media platform that encourages high levels of engagement and interaction through the in-application features.

Businesses can use Snapchat by creating a business account, interacting with users on the platform, and advertising on the platform to engage their audience.

About Snapchat

Snapchat is a mobile video and photo sharing application that allows users to send messages to each other which usually disappear within a few seconds.

This platform is generally quite popular amongst users who are younger than 35 years old and these users tend to visit the platform multiple times a day to ensure that they do not miss this temporary content.

There are a few factors about Snapchat that businesses interested in using the platform should keep in mind. Snapchat is a mobile-only platform and mainly focuses on visual content.

There are also other features such as Snap Maps, Bitmojis, Stories, and the Discover page that you should take into account when you are developing your strategies for this platform.

How to use Snapchat for business

Snapchat is a popular platform to use for businesses that want to promote their products and services to its younger audiences.

If you register for a business account and not a personal account when you sign up to the platform, you will get access to various features like paying for advertisements and accessing your audience’s analytics data on the platform.

There are many aspects to consider when you use Snapchat as a business, some of which include:

Aspect Description
Create a Snapchat Business Account Creating a business account gives you access to features that personal accounts do not have access to
Interacting with users on Snapchat Businesses can interact with users on Snapchat to reach various objectives
Advertising on Snapchat Businesses can pay for different kinds of advertisements on Snapchat

How to create a Snapchat Business Account

In order to register for a business account on Snapchat, you first need to register for an account and then visit the Snapchat Ads Manager site to register for a business account. The steps to do so are as follows:

  • Step 1: Download the Snapchat mobile application
  • Step 2 : Click the “Sign Up” button once you have opened the application
  • Step 3: Fill in the necessary information and select the “Signup and Accept” option
  • Step 4: Visit the Snapchat Ads Manager site at
  • Step 5: Log in with the username and password you used to create your account
  • Step 6: Enter your business’s legal name, your name, choose your country, time zone, and choose your currency
  • Step 7: Click the “Continue” button

How to use Snapchat to interact with other users

Once you have set up your business account, it is important to start interacting with users on the platform, so that you can build relationships and expand your reach to more users from your target audience.

Some of the ways to interact with users on the platform are:

  • Share your profile link or Snapcode to invite potential customers or fans to follow you on the platform
  • Customise your Snapchat profile to include some more detailed information about your business
  • View and post Snapchat Stories
  • Follow other accounts
  • Respond to instant messages
  • Send Snaps to users

How to use Snapchat to advertise your business

Snapchat also allows businesses to pay for advertisements on the platform. There is an array of formats for these advertisements and it is important that you consider which format will be best for the objectives you have set.

Some of these formats include:

Advertisement format Description

Snap Ads

These are 10-second, full-screen videos that play between regular content on the platform and offer viewers the chance to swipe up for more information on your business.

This feature allows a business to give users the chance to add specific tags and filters to their content when they are near the physical location of the business, which is great for sponsored events.

This feature allows businesses to create their own filters that users can interact with and place on their own videos and photos which is great for user-generated content.

Snapchat Discover

This feature uses both audio and video content to compile a dashboard of news stories that viewers can scroll through.

Final thoughts

The content shared on Snapchat is mostly photo and video-based and disappears after a certain period of time.

Businesses can create a business account and use the popularity of this platform amongst younger audiences to create interactive and creative content and advertisements.