How Twitch Drops work

What are Twitch Drops, how do they work, and how can viewers claim their mission-based or time-based drops as rewards for watching participating campaign channels?


One of the best reasons to be part of online content platforms, whether it be in the form of streaming or simply just creating content of your choice is the rewards you are offered. This can be either by the platform or rewards earned and received from other parties for your content.

Such is also the case when it comes to Twitch, but this time viewers are also getting in on the action and getting rewarded for watching their game streamers participate in in-game rewards.

This is an exciting rewards program for dedicated Twitch viewers who are part of the community, called Twitch Drops.

What are Twitch Drops?

Twitch Drops are an in-game rewards campaign that enables Twitch viewers to claim Drops whenever streamers play their game and when they complete in-game missions, such as finishing a part of a game that is considered as hard or from claiming victory during a battle royale game.

Twitch Drops also serve to bring the Twitch community closer to a streamer’s game, while also helping them get new players or re-entice their existing player base.

This new rewards campaign has helped to increase viewers as well as improve the experience for them with the opportunity to earn themselves Drop rewards.

How Twitch Drops work

Twitch Drops have served the purpose of making the viewer’s experience so much more worthwhile and exciting, now that they can get involved in streaming channels that are participating in the Twitch Drops campaign.

With this feature, they too can now earn rewards for watching streamers within games all while involving the gaming developers too.

There are two types of Drops: Mission-based and Time-based Drops. Mission-based Drops are unlocked when a streamer achieves a certain milestone, and in some cases, the game developer can also activate them.

Time-based drops are unlocked when you are watching any participating channel for an amount of time set by the game developer to earn a reward.

With Drops, viewers are required to claim their Drop reward on Twitch, and they only need an account connection after a player claims a reward.

The campaign offers per-channel Drop Prompts, where Drops can be claimed when a prompt pops up.

How can Drops be earned?

The key to earning Drops is to find the channels that are participating in a Drops campaign. To do this, streamers will need to browse category and channel pages to look for drop-enabled tags.

They would then have to navigate to a channel with Drops enabled where a Drops Callout will be on display at the top of a chat.

To be able to earn and receive the Drop rewards in-game, you will need to be logged onto Twitch, ensuring that your game account is linked to your Twitch account in order to receive your reward.

Claiming Mission-based and Time-based Drops

For Mission-based Drops, viewers need to watch out for their favourite streamer to complete their mission for the opportunity to claim in-game loot.

The channel will need to be participating in a Drop Campaign in order for this to be successful. The claim button will appear at the top of a chat.

When you are watching a participating channel, you will earn progress towards a Drop.

To be able to check your progress at any time, you will need to check your profile menu under the Drops menu item, earning on one channel at a time.

Where to view your rewards and upcoming campaigns

Players will be able to view their rewards and campaigns from the Drops Inventory page that can be accessed at any time.

This is where all your earned Drops will be saved as well as your progress towards any active time-based Drops, as well as to connect your Twitch account to the participating game developer’s account.

For Time-based Drops, viewers might notice some rewards that are still locked, and this will be because you still need to claim your previously earned and claimed rewards. This is the only way Drops will unlock.


The best part of creating content for online platforms is the potential to earn and claim some rewards from the platform you create for or from other parties that happen to like your content. It is even more exciting when this is also possible for the people consuming the content.

Twitch has a Drops Campaign that now rewards viewers for watching streams. Viewers are able to claim rewards in the form of Drops, for every time they engage on a channel that is participating in a Drop campaign.