Hulu announces new documentary series, Sasquatch

Hulu’s new documentary series, Sasquatch, premieres this April, and follows a journalist who travels to northern California to dig deeper into the stories of a forest monster.

Hulu released the official preview of its new documentary series, Sasquatch, in March 2021. The anticipated series, which premieres on Tuesday, 20 April 2021, will see a veteran journalist taking on his latest story, which sees him travelling to a cannabis farm in northern California. There, he discovers a number of stories of missing people, who are suspected to have been killed by a forest monster that is often referred to as Big Foot or Sasquatch.

Many of the local residents are hesitant to talk about the unsolved murder cases that have been linked to the creature, causing further speculation about supernatural beings lurking in the forest area. Many of the interviews are conducted undercover, as the locals fear that they would be next on the list of victims if they speak out.