Who is behind the “I ain’t never seen two pretty best friends” meme?

Jayrscotty is a TikTokker-turned-social media star, after a video of him suggesting that between best friends, there is always an ugly one, went viral.

Ahead of the advent of social media, the idea of achieving global recognition was seen as a hard task. This is as it was continually stressed that there is no such thing as an overnight star. Moreover, that even with overnight stars, it took at least five years in order to receive their big break in the mainstream commercial industry. However, with the advent of social media, everyone is just one video away from either going viral or beginning a career within the mainstream industry.

One prime example of this fact is the social media rise of model and content creator, Jayrscotty (real name Jordan Scott). Scott became a popular name on social media and received his verification on TikTok due to his contentious October 2020 viral video. Scott created his channel in August 2020, where he features sit-down car videos, where he shares his words of wisdom, which, at times, border on misogynistic beliefs.

In his viral video, Scott states, “I ain’t never seen two pretty best friends. Is always one gonna be ugly.” The video received mixed reactions. On the one hand, there were people who agreed with his post, while there was also a lot of backlash as some women felt that the comment was gendered. Moreover, due to his own looks, comments were calling for Scott to show his best friend in order to gauge whether he is the “pretty” one or not.

The video has been viewed over 54.7 million times, and is the most-viewed video on his page, as his other posts have not reached close to or over 10 million views yet. Most straddle between the two and three million mark. Capitalising on his virality, Scott has since released a hip-hop song, 2 Pretty Best Friends, using the tagline as the chorus of the song, in January 2021 across Spotify and Apple Music.