I am angry but I still love you

It is difficult to deal with being angry at someone you love. This will cause you to not think clearly and end up saying things that you do not mean.

Arguing, or rather, having a fight with a partner is normal. Things are not always rosy in a relationship. There are ups and downs that cause a lot of tension and it is how you handle such situations that matters. When you start yelling at your loved one it can only make things worse.

It’s better to take some time to think about what the root of the problem is. See which roles the two of you played in the matter. It doesn’t help to just go off and start yelling. This will not bring the solution that you both desperately need. It is no longer about who is right or wrong, but how you move going forward.

Once you feel a bit better, you can approach your partner with the aim of talking about things. You need to be thinking clearly; things such as exercising or even taking a nap can help you calm down. We tend to make threats when we’re angry and in turn, come out as bullies. This behaviour is not fair on them even though they are the ones who did you wrong. If this is how you always react to situations, you might consider therapy. This will help you before things escalate.

What you must never do, is to feel the need to get even with your partner. The best way to handle things is to talk about them. Let them know how you feel, “You hurt my feelings with what you said to me. People don’t say such, it makes others feel bad”.

At the end of the day you can work things out with your loved one.