I don’t need friends, they disappoint me

People will always disappoint you the same way you disappoint them.

Our current society embraces the culture of ‘cutting off’. When we are hurt and disappointed by people, we cut them off by unfollowing them, unliking them and blocking them from all our social media platforms.

We spend a valuable amount of time on digital platforms now more than ever and because of this, we have a variety of options to cut people off and not feel bad about it. But the reality is that we are all disappointing in one way or another, and for different people. This is because no one is perfect and no one will ever be. Maybe the people you called friends were not compatible with you. Or perhaps, your expectations of others are unrealistic and bizarre.

You only experience disappointment in life when your expectations are not met. You could be the problem and not the people you refer to as friends. Friendships are important in life, here’s why:

According to Very Well Mind, friendships are important to help us deal better with stress

Friends are a good social support when we are dealing with stressful situations: “Friendship and social support are also linked to better physical health outcomes, like lower rates of heart disease. One study showed that women with strong friendships displayed a lower risk for heart disease (and high blood pressure and diabetes) than those without.” (Very Well Mind). Friendships are good for our health and well-being.

Friends help you gain confidence

Living in isolation limits your perspective. For example, if you are dealing with insecurity, your situation will prolong because you have no one to offer different views of your thoughts. According to Very Well Mind: “Supportive friends can help you feel more confident by offering praise and reassurance when you’re feeling unsure”.

Friends help you to achieve your best

Good and supportive friends offer guidance on how to do great and be great. You will receive encouragement and deal better with problems that may arise as you try to achieve your goals.

We all disappoint the people we love and are disappointed by them. However, this does not mean we should cut people off and opt to live in isolation. If we all had this mindset, the world would be so lonely and cold.