I just want to be happy

Happiness is one of the best feelings anyone could feel.

Happiness is the true essence of life. This positive emotion is also good for our health and well-being. The obstacles we face in life oftentimes leave us hopeless, traumatized and depressed. As we experience these negative emotions we are left in the dark, confused and emotionally battered. The trauma and depression we experience propel us to be in pursuit of happiness. Being happy is the only way to bring light into our lives. Through happiness, we are able to fully experience life.

Happiness comes from within. If you are looking for ways to be happy, start from looking within you:

Figure out the root of your unhappiness

Only you know yourself best. Do a little self-introspection to find the root cause of your sadness and start dealing with those. Our past experiences tend to hold us back and rob us an opportunity to live in the present.

Escape negative thoughts

Our thought processes have a direct correlation with our behaviour and ultimately how we experience life. Engage in activities which shift from unhappy thoughts.

Do the things you love and enjoy

Love brings so much sparkle into our lives. When you are fully engaged in activities which make you happy, you are most likely to boost your mood and find happiness again.

Have a social life

Being surrounded by people will help you focus less on your stressors.

Change your environment

Your environment has a great impact on how you feel. A change in scenery might help you to start feeling better. Move to a different location or go on a vacation.

Do not get stuck in an unhappy life. Seek happiness for a fulfilling and purposeful life.