I like that you are broken like me

Has anyone ever said these lines to you?

This is nothing new to me and it is something I experienced first-hand.

Let me fill you in on a little secret. There is nothing romantic about someone saying that they like how you are broken just like that. If it is something that has to do with mental health it is not funny and not to be taken lightly.

There was a time I was going through some personal issues and I thought that maybe giving this guy a chance will distract me. Little did I know that was one of the biggest mistakes I had ever made. When you are dealing with something, you try to numb the pain and find ways to do so. I thought that getting a boyfriend will help because he will be someone to tell me things that I cannot find myself to say.

I needed someone to tell me that they loved me so bad. That I am beautiful because I did not feel as if I was. I remember telling him all my problems and what I was dealing with. He used all that against me and made me feel as if I was not worth it. It is those times when I tried to stand for myself that he would remind me of my problems and used it against me.

The lesson I got out of this experience is that two broken people cannot love each other and make it work. You are both not okay and being together will only make things worse. Sometimes we want to be loved so bad that we go to places to seek something that we need to find within ourselves. The first person who was supposed to love me was myself before anyone else.