I simply want to be happy

Life can be so hard sometimes. Going through hardships and difficulties can leave us feeling lonely, sad and in despair.

A normal life should include a healthy balance of all life’s emotions. Although it is important and healthy to feel pain, it is also important to be happy. If you have been struggling emotionally and psychologically, seek happiness for a healthy and meaningful life.

Feelings of happiness have a positive correlation with a healthy lifestyle: “…being happy may help promote a healthy lifestyle. Studies show that happier people are more likely to eat healthier diets and engage in physical activity” (Healthline 2020). Be in constant pursuit of happiness because it has positive effect on your overall well-being. Here are few ideas to help you find it.:

Let go of the past

The obstacles we face in life often leave us bitter, angry or sad. In order to usher in joy and happiness in your life you need to accept your past and let it go. Forgiveness is crucial for you to successfully move on. Do some self-introspection to trace the causes of your unhappiness. Deal with those in a healthy and progressive manner.

Do what you love

Doing what  you love will have a positive impact on your mental state, bringing you contentment and satisfaction.

Go out more/hang out with your friends

Being surrounded by positive people will help you feel better.  Laughing with friends can cure almost anything.

Change what  do not like

Your immediate environment has a great impact on your overall well-being. Make thorough observations of your surroundings to identify what triggers negative feelings. Sometimes gaining or losing a little bit of weight may help you feel good.

Coming to the realisation that you need happiness in your life is probably the first step towards getting there. Take time to think about what  you enjoy and do those. Happiness will definitely bring sunshine into your everyday existence and help you lead a healthy and great life.