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If you’re a gym bunny, why not monetise your vice?

If you’re a gym bunny, why not monetise your vice?

Although personal training isn’t a career path that is suitable for everyone, it is worth considering, especially if you enjoy working out.

While I was still in college in 2016, I had an obsession with my image. Although I’d always embraced being a full-figured lady, there were parts of my body that I wanted to tone so that they looked more flattering. I then decided to sign up for a membership card with Virgin Active to begin my weight loss and toning journey.

When I was signing up, I was under the impression that personal trainers were part of my gym package. I was shocked to learn that they, in fact, did not, and that I had to pay an extra fee for a trainer. That’s when I found out that personal trainers earned a living from working out, giving you tips on different work outs, meal planning and ways to improve certain parts of your body. I took interest in personal training as a career and did research on it.

Although you do have to hold a qualification to be one, it is important to be well-versed in nutrition and safe and correct ways of working out. I learnt that my personal trainer did not have a formal qualification, but she was well experienced and knew what she was doing. On average, personal trainers charge about R350 per 60-minute session.

My trainer charged R340 per session, and I had sessions twice a week. She was a student but would be at the gym for about five to six sessions a day. From my sessions alone, my trainer made R2 720 a month. Becoming a personal trainer if you’re a fitness enthusiast is a win-win because you get paid for doing what you love.