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Investing isn’t solely for the affluent

Investing isn’t solely for the affluent

Although investing sometimes seems like something reserved for the wealthy, in reality, everyone can invest in one way or another, regardless of age or tax bracket.

A lot of people tend to think that investing is only for the rich and affluent, when, in reality, it is for all of us. I’ve always thought that investing in Bitcoin would be a huge mistake as I was made to believe that it was for high profile people, thanks to social media. I had never found someone with a low profile that had invested in Bitcoin, which further fuelled my apprehensions, as it was always the likes of Marvin Gates or Donald Trump.

Taking the time to learn and educate yourself will take you far. Due to my keen interest in learning about cryptocurrencies, I realized that the key principle is starting small. I started by investing 100 dollars into my Bitcoin account, which is roughly about R1 400, as I was careful not to put all of my eggs in one basket. An important tip is always knowing where you’re investing your money, and why. There are galaxies of options available, and it is important to find the right investment that will be suitable for you. If trading is not your thing, then visit different banks that will assist and advise you on safe ways to invest. .