Is a high Snapchat Score a red flag?

A closer look at whether having a high Snapchat Score is a red flag, why it should not be considered as one, and what increases a score.

Red flags are regarded as a sign that something is a cause for concern, either with reference to someone or something.

This can be because someone comes across as a dishonest person or because something about a particular situation seems a little questionable. A red flag needs to be addressed and not ignored.

On Snapchat, red flags can exist too and some of them will surprise you. You can learn a lot about a person based on their social media habits and when it comes to Snapchat, your Snap Score can be very telling.

Snapchat Score red flag

A Snapchat Score is a reflection of how active someone is on the app. The higher ones Snapchat Score is, the more they are likely to be very present on the app and interacting with their friends.

The more you are active on Snapchat the higher your score will be. You can see people’s scores on their profiles, and monitor them as they increase.

When they do increase, it is most likely an indication that the Snapchat user was most active during that period. With that information in mind, should a high score be considered a red flag?

Is a high Snapchat Score a red flag?

When someone has a high Snapchat Score, it can lead to people asking themselves questions about what this could mean, especially if the person is either their romantic partner or someone they have a keen interest in.

So, is a high Snapchat Score a red flag or something that should be concerning if you are in a relationship with the person?

This is a matter of opinion, as different people have different opinions on how they perceive high scores. A high Snapchat Score is not necessarily a red flag if it is associated with someone of importance.

It is certainly an indication of how much time a person spends on Snapchat, but it does not mean that they are engaging in multiple relationships with anyone else. Sometimes a score will just be high.

Reasons a Snapchat Score may be high

A Snapchat Score may be high for a few reasons, one of which is that a user sends bulk Snaps to  many people. This can be the same Snap.

It could be that the user has been receiving many Snaps from others and this can happen even if they are not necessarily responding to every message they receive.

When a Snapchat Score is high it could be that the user is using Snapchat to talk to their friends on the app and not necessarily cheating or flirting with anyone online.

How Snapstreaks increase scores

Since streaks are a great way for people to connect with each other on the app, they can also be the  reason for an increasing Snapchat Score.

Streaks are a daily, continuous Snap chat between users that needs to be kept going until a user decides to break it.

Multiple Snaps are exchanged, and this is how it can increase the Snap Score, especially if someone has multiple streaks at the same time.

This is also not something that should be considered a red flag as it does not mean suspicious activity or behaviour is taking place.

A high Snapchat Score is not necessarily a red flag

Unfortunately, not everyone will take into consideration that a high Snapchat Score does not indicate a cause for concern.

Some people will simply view a high score as something indicating suspicious social media habits such as cheating, flirting, and interacting with the wrong people.

Some will see this as a red flag and assume that their partner is likely cheating. In some cases, this could definitely be true and cannot be ruled out immediately, but it can also be either or.

Final thoughts

The point of using social media is to open yourself up to meeting and interacting with different people online, including friends and family.

Snapchat Scores measure the number of snaps you have sent and received, and more, and a high score can indicate a user’s frequent activity.

Some will tie a high Snapchat Score to someone being involved in suspicious behaviour on the app, hence viewing it as a red flag.

Snapchat Scores can, however, mean a variety of things and should not only be considered as an indication of suspicious activity on the app.