Is Amazon KDP Advertising worth it?

What makes Amazon KDP Advertising worth it, what the different metrics are, what they mean and how they help your advertising campaign and what KDP Advertising gets you.

Being a writer and better yet, a self-published one can be an exciting venture and journey.

With platforms such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing offering self-publishers a space where they can self-publish their books and have people purchase it for their reading pleasure, but how do their books sell?

In order to sell copies of your book, you will need to get people aware of it and this can be achieved through proper advertising of your book. One way for KDP publishers to do this is through advertising on Amazon, but some might wonder if it is worth it.

Amazon KDP Advertising 

There are different ways of advertising on Amazon including KDP Select, Kindle Countdown Deals, Free Book Promotions and Kindle Deals.

All these options require you to discount or give your book away for free, but KDP Advertising on the other hand lets you sell your book copies.

KDP Advertising is basically book ads for authors. Amazon Kindle Advertising sits on Amazon’s Advertising Platform, allowing authors to run paid advertising on their published books.

An author’s book will appear either on Amazon’s search results, eBook detail pages or on Kindle device lock screens, and this will drive sales of a book.

Is Amazon KDP Advertising worth it?

Advertising via Amazon KDP is considered to be worth it, and can be worthwhile for authors in terms of generating sales for copies of their self-published book.

Many people will probably wonder whether Amazon Kindle Publishing is worth it, and it seems to be. This is because besides just sales, there is a positive feedback loop that takes place inside Amazon with Amazon book ads.

One of the advantages of using KDP advertising through Amazon is that Amazon dominates the large portion of the United States (US) eBook market share, owning about 50 percent of the print market share and the Amazon marketplace which allows you to access a significantly high and engaged consumer base.

To take advantage of Amazon KDP advertising, authors will have to know what they can get out of it, and how they can advertise effectively to make sales.

What do authors get with KDP Advertising?

When you choose to advertise with Amazon KDP, you are able to promote your titles together with the same type of books and authors.

You are able to drive sales of any new book releases as soon as they are published. You can also run backlist campaigns to attract any new keen readers and set targets by related genres, titles as well as authors.

Additionally, KDP advertising allows authors to reach readers in a number of multiple marketplaces. All of these different elements will help and influence authors to generate their book copy sales.

How can you advertise on Amazon KDP?

For the creative aspect of advertising, the ad creative will be determined by your book cover and back page. Authors must ensure their covers are eye-catching and related to the genre, theme and title.

The description and look inside is also important. The description needs to be catchy and deliver a precise overview of what the book is all about.

Targeting will also be a key factor with the proper use of keywords. These can be generated based on complementary books and categories, your competitors’ book as well as on popular themes or keywords.

What are the different metrics involved in KDP Advertising?

Some of the metrics involved in KDP advertising consist of impression, which is the number of times an ad was visible, the number of times your ad was clicked on.

They also consist of spend, which is the number of total clicks charged for a campaign.

Orders will be the number of Amazon orders shoppers placed after clicking on your ad, sales will be the total number of sales of books within a certain amount of time for a certain campaign while the KENP read will be the number of pages Kindle Unlimited has read.


As a writer, one of the biggest milestones is when your hard work gets the chance to be published and this can be especially significant if you have self-published your own book.

The goal of publishing for any book is for it to sell copies and do well.

Authors can publish their self-published books with Amazon KDP Advertising, which is noted to be well worth it if you are looking to make good sales.

The key will lie in you knowing how to advertise properly and effectively, as well as in understanding how the different advertising metrics work.