Amy’s baby on Heartland is not her real baby

Considering that Amber Marshall has played Heartland’s Amy Fleming for over 14 years, their lives have been confused for the other’s, like the fact that Marshall is a mother. 

Heartland is the Canadian drama series which premiered in 2007. Since its earlier debut, the family-focused drama series has gone on to have 15 seasons and is regarded as the longest running one-hour Canadian television series.

As a result, the lives and times of characters have become as real as the lives of the people who watch the series.

The premise of the show as shared by Netflix is, “Spunky teenager Amy is reeling from the sudden death of her mother when she and her grandfather are threatened with the loss of their horse ranch.”

Amy Fleming is the protagonist of the show. A character played by acclaimed actress Amber Marshall.

Marshall has been the lead of the show since its inception and has grown from being the spunky, rebellious teenager to a widower, mother and horse trainer.

Those that have watched the show have invested so much that there has been confusion on where the character and the actress’ real lives intersect. So much so that there have been parallels made, with the public wondering if Marshall is a mother herself.

Amy Fleming’s journey to motherhood

For those that have watched the show and followed Amy’s journey in the story, one of the biggest recurring storylines of the character was her relationship with her main love interest in the world of the story, Ty Borden.

A character which was played by Graham Wardle for 14 seasons. The two characters had a tumultuous love story filled with many multiple false starts before they finally got married during the tenth season.

A lot of speculation about their marriage ending has since followed, when in truth the couple were married on the show until Ty’s tragic and surprising death at the beginning of the fourteenth season.

Ty’s passing in the world of the story happened after he saved Amy’s life, following a poacher attempting to shoot her. However, in intercepting the fatal shot, he in turn received what was later revealed as his reason for death.

This is as the shooting happend during the season thirteen finale of the series, while the death occurred during the beginning of season fourteen.

Though Ty’s death is a result of the fatal shot, Wardle’s exit from the show was due to the actor seeking new acting opportunities.

Ty’s death leaves Amy as a widower and a single mother to their daughter, Lyndy. A daughter which was conceived during the tenth season.

Amber Marshall and motherhood

Ironically, due to Amy having a child in the world of the story, fans have wondered whether the pregnancy was introduced due to Marshall falling pregnant in real life.

The reason for this being how Marshall’s real life seems to mirror the life of the character she plays on Heartland. How so? It only takes looking at her Instagram profile to figure out.

Marshall’s Instagram reads as well as Amy’s would. While Amy is a horse trainer who lives on a farm, Marshall is an actress who lives on a farm and also has a passion for horses, amongst other livestock.

Marshall’s dress sensibility mirrors to that of the character she plays, therefore that thin line between the two has resulted in confusion.

The biggest one of each being that the writers of the show are mirroring Marshall’s life in the series, like the continued speculation that the introduction of Amy’s pregnancy was to accommodate Marshall’s real-life pregnancy.

The truth of the matter is that Amber Marshall, unlike Amy Fleming, does not have children from all that she has shared. However, she does have a passion for children and introducing them to horse riding.

Moreover, Marshall has shared doting moments on her social media with the identical twins that play Amy’s daughter in the story, Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer.

Therefore, in looking at their images and the messages she shares, it is easy for people to conflate the two when in truth Marshall is not a mother.

Why is Heartland currently not available on Netflix US?

For Netflix US readers, the death of Ty and exit of Graham Wardle might come as a surprise as season 13 is the last available season on the paid-subscription video on demand platform. However, to date the series has televised fourteen seasons and is currently airing the fifteenth.

The reason for the delay has been attributed to an exclusivity deal signed by the show with UPTV, which ends in March 2022. This is when it is believed that Heartland will come to announce a release date for Netflix US subscribers.