Is Beau and Bethan’s breakup final?

Geordie Shore season 19 couple, Beau Brennan and Bethan Kershaw, show no signs of getting back together, which suggests that their breakup is final.

Beau Brennan and Bethan Kershaw were one of the favourite couples on the British version of the popular reality show, Geordie Shore. The couple had immediate chemistry when Bethan entered the cast during the nineteenth season of the show. Bethan did not hide the fact that she was attracted to the tattooed and muscular Beau.

However, as much as Bethan might have had strong feelings for Beau, it appeared as though the ladies’ man could not help himself when it came to kissing other women who were part of the cast and show. This resulted in combustive arguments between the two, ultimately leading to their on-screen breakup. Some of the women from the show that Beau kissed during the relationship were Abbie Holborn and Tahlia Chung.

The tension between the two resulted in Bethan opting to walk away from the show. Her departure was subsequently followed by her deleting all social media posts that referenced their failed relationship, and Beau did the same with his social media platforms thereafter. The deleting of images of each other on social media, along with the two unfollowing one another, sparked speculation of their breakup being final.

The two are believed to still be separated, which suggests that the breakup is final. Since walking away from the show, Bethan has not spoken about her experience on the show and has, instead, been focusing on promoting her brand and business ventures. Beau, on the other hand, has continued to showcase his muscular, tattooed body and his good times. Currently, there is no indication of a possible reconciliation between the two reality stars.