Is Colby from Survivor married?

Colby Donaldson has been married to his long-term partner, Britt Bailey, since 2016, and they appear to have a happy relationship, based on their Instagram posts.

Colby Donaldson is noted as one of the most popular Survivor contestants of all time, having competed in the reality game show three times. His last appearance was in 2010 and saw him walking away as the runner-up. Colby reportedly vowed not to return to the show after not winning the Sole Survivor title on all three occasions.

Based on his Instagram page, Colby leads a relatively low-key life in Austin, Texas with his wife, Britt Bailey, whom he married in 2016. The couple share an 11-year-old daughter, Brinley, who is often showcased on social media.

Colby is currently the host of The History Channel’s The Butcher and Alone, and Britt maintains a prominent social media presence as a lifestyle personality. The most recent post shared of the pair was on Thursday, 4 March 2021, where Colby made light of the fact that their holiday plans were ruined by the pandemic. Despite this, he expressed that he is still happy about the fact that he can be with his wife.