Is Dixie D’amelio jealous of her sister?

Why the D’amelio sister’s relationship was strained at some point, and why Dixie D’amelio was once jealous of her sister Charli D’amelio before they gained their TikTok fame.


Social media fame can come with the disadvantage of becoming jealous of another star’s success compared to your own, and the same happens with celebrities.

The D’amelio sisters, famous for their success on TikTok have spoken out on instances of jealousy between them, specifically Dixie D’amelio’s jealousy of sister, Charli.

Dixie D’amelio’s jealousy

It can be easy to get consumed by jealousy of another on social media platforms, especially with the competition people will fuel between two people. Dixie D’amelio confirmed that she at some point was jealous of her sister, but not for her fame but for other surprising reasons.

Is Dixie D’amelio jealous of her sister?

Dixie D’amelio came out and admitted that she was once jealous of her sister Charli at some point in her mental health battle, when it seemed like her life was stuck in a cycle of depression, anxiety and isolation from daily activities.

In comparison, Charli’s life seemed to be continuing. Dixie has admitted that this made her feel like her life was not going anywhere compared to Charli.

How was Dixie and Charli’s relationship before TikTok fame?

Dixie confessed in an episode of the Madhappy Podcast that her relationship with Charli had actually been strained prior to them gaining TikTok fame. The two sisters were not as close as they are now, going weeks without having a conversation.

How is the D’amelio sister’s relationship now?

Both the D’amelio sisters have since gained fame on the TikTok social media platform and are now closer than ever. Dixie confirmed that she has also apologized to her sister for when their relationship was not the best, having overcome her issues.

Was there ever competition between the sisters?

Dixie confirms that there was never really any competition between the two of them, as each would be doing their own thing and not competing with the other. When the sisters started doing social media, they continued doing the same things and making the same content, without competition.


With any sisterhood or relationship, not all will be bliss, as even the closest relationships will get strained despite seeming to have it all.

The TikTok famous D’amelio sisters are not immune to such challenges, having had a strained relationship before gaining popularity with jealousy even coming into play.