Is Dixie D’amelio single?

Establishing whether Dixie D’amelio is single or not, and how she began dating former soccer player and social media influencer, Noah Beck, after a relationship with Griffin Johnson.


One of the best parts of following your favourite star’s life and work includes being submerged in the people they have various relationships with.

Fans of TikTok sensation Dixie D’amelio follow her for her content, but they certainly also follow her to keep up with her romantic relationships.

Dixie D’amelio’s relationships

Her fans will know that their favourite TikTok sensation has previously been linked to big names in their own right, including Griffin Johnson and former soccer player and social media influencer, Noah Beck. Her most recent relationship to Noah Beck is something fans might be following closely.

Is Dixie D’amelio single?

Fans following Dixie on all her social media platforms will notice that their favorite star is far from being single as she is still going strong with Noah Beck, the famous former soccer player and now social media influencer in his own right.

Dixie had previously dated Griffin Johnson before getting in a relationship with Noah Beck. The relationship between Johnson and D’amelio is said to have ended in August 2020.

When did Dixie and Noah start spending time together?

In July 2020, Dixie and Noah started spending more time together, to a point where they shared a few TikTok videos together and promoted Dixie’s new song at the time. The following month in August, Dixie announced her breakup with Johnson.

How did Dixie announce her breakup with Griffin Johnson?

Dixie announced that her and Johnson had broken up in a YouTube video titled My last date with Griffin. A video she posted on 2 August 2020, only for Noah Beck to make an appearance in Dixie’s music video later on.

When did Dixie and Noah have their first kiss?

In September 2020, Noah Beck still denied rumours of being romantically tied to Dixie, although the two were still seen hanging out at a Malibu beach. After posting behind-the-scenes footage of her new music video, Dixie and Noah shared a kiss.


Following the lives of your favourite stars can be thrilling, especially when it comes to the ins and outs of their romantic and platonic relationships.

Fans of Dixie D’amelio who have been curious to know whether she is single or not will be pleased to know the star is dating Noah Beck.