Is DonkMaster still in jail?

Sage “DonkMaster” Thomas was released from prison after being caught in a drug bust; but on a brighter note, he opened his own shop, In & Out Customs.      

Donkmaster is a high-octane drag-racing competition that airs on Vice. It features immaculately prepared classic cars, sporting huge rims, that go head-to-head in order to win massive cash prizes.

Season one premiered on Wednesday, 19 August 2020. The series, following its premiere, managed to appeal to racing enthusiasts.

Since season one received a lot of positive reviews, fans assumed that Vice will renew the series. Season two of Donkmaster is expected to premiere sometime in 2021.

The show is hosted by Sage “DonkMaster” Thomas, who is popularly referred to as the Michael Jordan of donk racing.

He is based in South Carolina and built his first donk at the age of 16, while being guided by his Uncle Buggy. He has since developed a passion for classic cars.

In 2018, Sage was involved in a drug bust along with his friends. They were reportedly caught in possession of narcotics.

The group has reportedly been suspected of drug trafficking for many years, but were finally caught red-handed. Sage was sentenced to two years in prison and was released in June 2020.

After his release, DonkMaster opened up his own shop, In & Out Customs in Charleston.

He also documented his journey back to freedom on various social media platforms, including YouTube and Facebook. His YouTube channel currently has 25 700 subscribers.