Is Facebook Protect legit?

The email sent by Facebook about the Facebook Protect program can be verified and you can enrol for it on the Facebook application to verify its legitimacy.


Facebook Protect is a system introduced by the company to add additional protective measures to bigger influential accounts.

There are several things to look for to verify whether the email you received about this program is legitimate.

What is Facebook Protect?

The Facebook Protect security system was initially launched by its parent company, Meta, in 2018. This system endeavours to provide additional protection from various cyber security threats for accounts that the company regards as having a greater-than-average reach on the Facebook platform.

When this system was first rolled out, it focused on protecting various government officials’ accounts during election season, to ensure that the candidates, their campaigns, and the elected officials had stronger security measures in place against hackers or other threats.

Since then, this system has been expanded to include other accounts that have a large following.

Is Facebook Protect legit?

If your account has been flagged as one that Meta categorises as having an exceptional reach in terms of following, you will have received an email that instructs you to join the program.

However, many people have received this email and mistaken it for a phishing email, because of the unusual email address and the link included in the email.

There are several ways you can ensure that the email you received about Facebook Protect is legitimate, some of which are:

What to look for Explanation
The email domain or the email domain Facebook uses these email domains for all official communication.
Verify if Facebook really sent the email Go to the “Settings” menu on the Facebook platform, then, go to the “Security and Login” or “Password and Security” screen. Finally, select the “See recent emails from Facebook” option.
Ensure that you are not being asked for a password Facebook will never ask you to enter your password in an email and if this is the case, the email is most likely not legitimate.

Once you have received this email, you are eligible to join the Facebook Protect program, or you can go through Facebook to enable this feature for a limited time.

Can Facebook Protect really protect your account?

The Facebook Protect program increases an account’s security by utilising a two-factor authentication security system.

Two-factor authentication means that there are additional security measures added to your account to authenticate that you are the one logging into your account and not someone with malicious intent.

Facebook offers a few options in terms of additional security measures, including a security key, login codes from a third-party authentication application, or even getting text message (SMS) codes sent to your mobile phone on your mobile number.

How to turn on Facebook Protect through Facebook

Many people have been warned about clicking on links in emails; therefore, it may be safer for you to turn on Facebook Protect on the platform directly. The steps for this process are as follows:

Step in the process How to turn on Facebook Protect on Mac How to turn on Facebook Protect on iOS
1 Log in to the Facebook platform Log in to the Facebook platform
2 Select the drop down menu in the top right corner of the screen Select menu at the bottom right of your screen
3 Select the “Settings” option Select the “Settings and Privacy” option
4 Select the “Security and Login” option Select the “Password and Security” option
5 Find the “Facebook Protect” heading Find the “Facebook Protect” heading
6 Select the “Get started” option, and follow the prompts to complete the process Select the “Get started” option, and follow the prompts to complete the process

The limited availability of Facebook Protect

Facebook has focused on providing the Facebook Protect program for accounts that have the highest reach in terms of following on the platform first.

This means that your account may not be eligible to join the program yet if you did not receive the email or cannot find the “Facebook Protect” heading in your settings.

If you did receive the email and your account is eligible, ensure that you complete the process before the cut-off time specified in your email to prevent your account from being frozen.

Final thoughts

Facebook Protect aims to increase the protection of accounts with a high reach against cyber-attacks.

Emails received about this program can be verified and it can be activated through Facebook to ensure that your account, if it is eligible, is protected by a two-factor authentication safety measure.