Is My 600-lb Life on Netflix?

My 600-lb Life is not available for streaming on Netflix, as all nine of its seasons were broadcast on TLC, with earlier episodes available on the website and on Discovery Plus.

My 600-lb Life is a popular series on TLC that has been on air since 2012. The reality show sees eight people, who weigh over 600 pounds, enrolling themselves in a year-long fitness programme to try and take control of their lifestyles and eating habits with the help of experts and coaches. The series shows the mental and physical state of those suffering from obesity, as well as how they are able to push past what they believe are their limitations in order to reach their goals.

My 600-lb Life is broadcast on TLC, with the most recent season, season nine, also being aired on the channel. Viewers are able to enjoy previous episodes on the TLC website, where all episodes are uploaded. Discovery Plus also streams each episode at the same time as TLC, giving viewers another viewing option; however, the show is not available on Netflix.