Is Nicki Minaj Asian?

Nicki Minaj is of Afro and Indo-Trinidadian ethnicity and, despite her oriental look and fascination with Japanese culture, there are reportedly no Asians in her lineage.

Nicki Minaj is an American rapper and multi-award-winning musician whose real name is Onika Miraj. The rapper was born in the Saint James district of Port of Spain and raised in the Queens, New York City. Nicki Minaj’s parents, Robert and Carol Maraj, are of Dougla decent, which are African and Indian natives that are based in Trinidad and Tobago. She has publicly stated how proud she is of her Trinidadian and American roots, as she is her family’s first-generation citizen in the United States of America.

Fans of Nicki Minaj often question her ethnicity because of her appearance, as she has elongated eyes which are predominately seen in those with Asian genes. She is also known to dress up in various wigs and costumes, with many of her looks being inspired by the Japanese culture. Her love for the Harajuku fashion is purely out of interest, and not because of her perceived heritage. Her song, Chun Li, has also been a topic of controversy, as many criticised it as cultural appropriation.