Is Spotify free with Amazon Prime?

Why it is not possible to get Spotify for free on Amazon Prime, how can you use Spotify for free and for how long with its limitations?


There are a range of music streaming services that will cater to people who like to enjoy the best in diverse playlists and music libraries, especially ones to their tastes in music and different genres. Some of these include the popular streaming services, Spotify music and Amazon Prime.

Some people might be curious as to whether having an Amazon Prime subscription means that you are able to get Spotify for free. This is unfortunately not possible, as Spotify and Amazon Prime are separate music streaming services and have nothing that binds them to such an agreement.

Spotify and Amazon Prime

Unfortunately, Spotify and Amazon Prime are two separate entities that offer music streaming services to users. Amazon Prime also has a video streaming service that it is more popularly known for, as well as Amazon Music.

In as much as people might like to hope that Spotify would be free with Amazon Prime, this is not the case.

Since they both offer music streaming services, you would still have to sign up for both as separate services in order to enjoy what they have to offer. You would need to get a Spotify Premium subscription for music.

Is Spotify free with Amazon Prime?

Spotify and Amazon Prime are individual music streaming services that allow you to stream musical content similarly as you would with other streaming services such as Apple Music and Tidal.

In order to enjoy each one, you will need to get subscriptions for both. Having Amazon Prime will not make getting Spotify free.

Both are separate streaming services with no announced partnerships or agreements from either streaming service. So, it is not possible for Spotify to be free with Amazon Prime.

Getting a Spotify Premium subscription is the only way you will be able to make use of Spotify’s service and getting an Amazon Prime subscription will be the only way you are able to get Amazon Music.

When it comes to Amazon Music however, having a Prime account gets you free Amazon Music.

Linking your Spotify to your Amazon Prime account

Instead of getting Spotify free on Amazon Prime, you can link your Amazon Prime account to your Spotify. By doing this, you will be able to listen to music and podcasts on your Alexa.

You will need to arrange your Alexa device with the Amazon Alexa app, go to the Music settings and choose a new service link which will be Spotify.

You would then link it to your Alexa device, and to complete this you will then have to go to your Default Services and set up Spotify as your Default Music Library.

When is Spotify actually free and for how long?

If you are really after using Spotify for free and running away from paying for a Premium subscription, then you can use it for free for as long as you need.

There is no limit to it, even after the trial period to use it for free has passed. The application will continue to work for free and you will not have to pay.

The only downside is that you will have limited access to services with the free version. One of which is that you will not be able to download music to listen to offline.

Is paying for Spotify worth it?

If you really want to enjoy the full benefits of listening to any and everything when it comes to the music on Spotify, then going the Spotify Premium route is going to be worth it. The advantages of this include having unlimited access to all the music you can imagine.

You can get high-quality music for the price of a single digital album per month and you will also be able to save music from the app to your phone, which is paid for by the use of data. You also experience no ads popping up.


When it comes to music streaming services, both Spotify and Amazon Music are good platforms to find and enjoy the best in a variety of music. To get the best full-on experience, you will need to get either a Spotify Premium subscription or an Amazon Prime Subscription.

Getting Spotify free from having an Amazon Prime account is not possible, as they are two separate streaming services that do not offer the other free on either one. You can only get Amazon Music for free if you have an Amazon Prime account.