Is the Diamond Play Button real diamond?

What is the YouTube Diamond Play Button made of, what makes it different to other buttons and which YouTubers have received their Diamond Buttons?


YouTube content creators are known for being significantly popular with most of them having some of the most popular YouTube channels, with over millions in subscribers following their channels.

This is why getting to that level of popularity on YouTube is rewarded with YouTube Creator Awards.

There are different milestones a creator needs to reach but getting to 10 000 000 subscribers will earn a YouTuber a Diamond Play Button.

There are Silver, Gold, and Customised Play Buttons. With these different Play Buttons, one will wonder whether a Diamond Play Button is made out of real diamond.

YouTube Diamond Play Button

YouTube content creators are rewarded for their exceptional work at accumulating large numbers of followers to take a liking to them and subscribe to their channels.

Play Buttons are awarded to creators who reach certain milestones and to receive the Diamond Play Button, YouTube requires that you have a following of 10 million subscribers to your channel.

Silver, Gold, Diamond and the customised Play Buttons are all rewards YouTubers anticipate receiving for their work.

Play Buttons are named after rare metals which leads people to think they might be made of real diamond, gold or silver.

Is the Diamond Play Button real diamond?

Since the Play Buttons are named after rare metals which are hot commodities, some people wonder if they are actually made of what they are named after.

In this case, people might be curious to know if the Diamond Play Button is made of real diamond and the answer to this is no.

All YouTube Play Buttons are not made of the actual material it is named after, as that would simply be impossible for YouTube to keep up with.

The Diamond Play Button is not made of real diamond, instead, it is made out of silver-plated metal insets with a large piece of crystal.

So far, there have been a few YouTubers who have been awarded with their Diamond Button, and it does seem to differ from other Play Buttons.

What makes the Diamond Play Button different from other buttons?

Since the Diamond Play Button is meant to resemble a diamond, it is made differently to other Play Buttons.

The Diamond Button is displayed as a small sculpture as opposed to it being contained in a metal casing like the Silver and Gold Buttons.

The Red Play Button is also made similarly to it too, as it has an almost similar design as the Diamond Button, with the difference being in the material and its colour.

The Diamond Button also includes the YouTubers name on the back along with a congratulatory message.

When was the Diamond Play Button first revealed?

The YouTube Diamond Play Button was first introduced with the intention of rewarding some of the first YouTube content creators who had reached 10 million subscribers on their channels.

It was first revealed on 23 July 2015 at VidCon, where YouTube’s Vice President, Matthew Glotzbach had come up with the idea after figuring out that some Youtubers had 10 million subscribers and decided to hand them their Diamond Play Buttons at the event.

Which YouTubers have received Diamond Play Buttons?

The first creators to have received their Diamond Play Buttons were Fine Bros, Spinnin’ Records, Epic Rap Battles of History and Smosh back when the Diamond Button was first introduced.

Other YouTubers have since followed suit and they include the likes of 1MILLION Dance Studio, 5-Minute Crafts, A2 Motivation, Annoying Orange, Amit Bhadana, Lucas and Marcus, Mark Rober, Marshmello, Marques Brownlee and Matt Stonie amongst many others.

All of these YouTubers managed to accumulate a following of 10 million subscribers, with YouTube awarding them for their success at doing so.

Final thoughts

Being a YouTube Content Creator is about much more than people watching your content, it is about building your own dedicated community for your channel.

When YouTubers are able to build subscriber followings at certain milestones, YouTube will award them with Play Buttons, such as the Diamond Button.

Some might think that the various Play Buttons YouTubers get might be made from the real materials of metal they are named after, but that is far from the case.

As with the Diamond Play Button. It is not made of real diamond but silver-plated metal insets with a large crystal.