Is the Gold Play Button real gold?

Is the one million subscribers Gold Play Button reward YouTubers get real gold, and what are the other YouTube awards on offer?


For some, social media is simply a tool that is there to make use of but is not necessarily taken too seriously to the point that it is turned into a full-blown career. For others on the other hand, this is exactly what it is there for.

Some social media creators use some of their social accounts to make a career out of the content that they produce and publish. Content creation has become an opportunity to get discovered or recognized for what you do, while also reaping the rewards of your hard, well-executed content creation.

Gold Play Button

YouTube is known to reward its video creators for the hard work that they put in and for the milestones they are reaching and even exceeding. The platform offers its top verified video creators YouTube Creator Rewards for moments such as these.

These rewards consist of five different Play Button Tiers of different colours that a content creator can become eligible for once they reach a certain number of subscribers on their channel.

There is the Silver Play Button, the Gold Play Button, the Diamond Play Button, the Custom Play Button and the Red Play Button.

Is the Gold Play Button real gold?

As the ranks for the YouTube Creator Rewards go up, many people might wonder if the Gold Play Button could possibly be made of real gold. The answer to this is no, but is made out of gold-plated brass.

The latest design of the gold button is very much different from the older version, with the steel background now much sleeker and golden in colour, and without the glass case.

The button is no longer a three-dimensional object but is now carved out into steel with a text reading “Presented to (creator name) for passing 1 000 000 subscribers.

The older design consisted of a black steel backdrop inside of a window bow, with a gold three-dimensional YouTube logo screwed onto it. Written under the logo would be the creator’s name and a message reading “CONGRATULATIONS for surpassing One Million Subscribers.”

How many subscribers do you need for other Play Button rewards?

The rewards on offer by YouTube are five different Play Buttons, each representing different tiers in a YouTubers milestones. To be eligible for a Silver Play Button, 100 000 subscribers are needed for that channel. A Gold Play Button means a YouTuber has reached 1 000 000 subscribers.

The Diamond Play Button means the 10 million subscriber mark has been hit. When a Youtuber reaches more than 50 million subscribers, they are eligible for a Custom Play Button while a Red Play Button is for YouTubers with 100 million subscribers.

Are there any channels that have secured Custom and Red Diamond Play Buttons?

As crazy as it might seem, there are actually a few YouTube channels and creators who have managed to reach over 50 million subscribers and even 100 million. These channels have secured their Custom and Red Diamond Play Buttons, and they include PewDiePie, Justin Bieber, WWE, T-Series, 5-Minute Crafts, Vlad and Niki, Dude Perfect, BLACKPINK, Kids Diana Show and MrBeast.

All these channels and their creators have worked exceptionally hard to reach over 50 million subscribers, which is not an easy thing to do on the platform.

Has anyone reached over 100 million subscribers?

This is even crazier to imagine, but yes. The potential to reach over 100 million subscribers on YouTube has actually been made possible by creators of the T-Series and PewDiePie channels.

Currently, they are the only two to have made it and even physically received their Red Diamond Play Button rewards.

As wild as it is, a third is currently on display at the Musee Baccarat Museum in Paris, France, waiting to be given to its rightful owners, the creators of the Cocomelon YouTube channel, making it three official Red Diamond qualifying YouTube channels.


Working hard will earn you even more. This is probably the work hard mentality many YouTubers actually have when it comes to the content they work to produce and publish, all in an effort to get recognized from it through awards such as the YouTube Creators Awards for subscribers.

Creators are rewarded on the platform for the effort they put into gaining a large subscriber following, earning different coloured and ranked Play Buttons. The Gold Play Button is not made of gold, but rather from gold-plated brass for those who have wondered.