Is the Ruby Play Button real?

What is the YouTube Ruby Play Button, what is it made out of, who has not received one and how can YouTubers work to secure their first Play Button?


Consumers of YouTube content will know that the most successful YouTube content creators are actually rewarded for the hard work they put into gaining as many followers as they can. With rewards on offer in the form of Play Buttons at certain tiers, depending on the number of followers you have.

The Ruby Play Button, also known as the Custom Play Button, is awarded to YouTubers who are able to reach 50 million subscribers on their channel. Some might wonder what the Ruby Play Button is made of and whether it is made of real ruby.

Ruby Play Button

The Custom or Ruby Play Button is reserved for YouTube content creators who work hard to accumulate 50 million subscribers on their channel, which is not an easy number to achieve.

So far, only four official YouTube channels have been able to reach this milestone and have received their Ruby Play Button.

These channels include PewDiePie, who actually coined the term “Ruby Play Button”, and has remained the button’s name since. T-Series, Canal KondZilla and BLACKPINK also received Ruby Play Button, that are all made in their own unique way.

Is the Ruby Play Button real?

People might be curious as to whether the Ruby Play Button is actually made of real ruby. This is not the case. For each YouTuber that has earned a Ruby Play Button, each one was made differently from the other.

PewDiePie’s button is said to have been made out of a heavy and solid red translucent substance, and then carved out into the shape of a big Bro Fist.

T-Series’ Play button is said to be made of transparent glass, with the logo of T-Series in white, which indicates that not every YouTube channel will receive a button that is red in colour.

Canal KondZilla’s Custom Play Button is round in shape, and in addition to that, it is black in colour.

Naturally, BLACKPINK received a pink stand with a black YouTube logo on top, representing the colours of their name.

Channels that don’t have their Ruby Play Buttons

Just because a channel manages to secure 50 million subscribers, does not mean that they will receive their Ruby Play Button immediately.

As it stands, there are almost 20 channels that have not received their Play Buttons. This is because it can be hard for YouTube to make Custom Play Buttons for every channel.

So far, some of the channels that have allegedly not received their buttons include Cocomelon, WWE, Zee Music Company, Justin Bieber, SET India, Kids Diana Show, Vlad and Niki, Marshmello, ChuChu TV as well as Ariana Grande.

What is the basis for receiving a Play Button, besides the number of subscribers?

In as much as gaining a set number of subscribers is important in determining whether you receive a Play Button or not, other factors and criteria also come into play. These include having an active Google account, not having any copyright strikes and issues against the Community Guidelines of the platform.

You will also need to follow YouTube’s Terms of Service and advertising guidelines, as well as not have any spam related, scam related, or plagiarized content included in or as part of your YouTube video content.

How can you earn your first YouTube Play Button?

Earning a YouTube Play Button is not going to be an easy task once you start your YouTube channel. It is going to require you to work very hard to get yourself to the number of subscribers you need to earn your first Play Button, as the subscriber numbers are not easily reachable.

The key to getting there is to be consistent in every aspect of creating your content, which can be hard in and of itself. Garnering a supportive viewership can also help you through optimizing content for YouTube’s algorithm.


Working towards achieving a set number of goals in the digital content creation space is usually how content creators gain in rewards from their hard work. It can be great knowing that a platform will reward you for reaching certain milestones for your channels and your social media accounts.

YouTube offers up rewards to its most hard-working creators when they are able to accomplish reaching subscriber number milestones in the form of coloured Play Buttons, and as for Play Buttons being made of real raw materials, they are not. This is the case for all buttons including the Ruby Button.