Is YouTube Music free?

How to use YouTube Music for free and take advantage of features that might restrict you, as well as how to download music to listen to while offline.


The convenience of having all types of music available to you at the click of a button on your personal mobile device is what has made music streaming services as popular as they are today. Giving you instant access to all your favourite music quickly at a monthly subscription fee.

YouTube Music was established in 2018 and was developed to replace Google Play Music. It offers its users a streaming platform that is available at its best, at different subscription rates, making user experience more enjoyable. Which often leads to some wondering if it is available for free, without having a subscription.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music works just like any other music streaming service offering streaming from the mobile app or web browser. Streamers can enjoy a wide range of different features, allowing them the freedom to discover tons of music, with the added benefits of remixes, live performances, covers and music videos.

Which makes YouTube Music stand out better from the rest, with all these other features that fellow streaming services do not offer.

Just like other music streaming services, YouTube Music offers different subscriptions for students at $6.99, a standard subscription at $11.99 and a family subscription plan at $17.99.

Is YouTube Music free?

For those who are looking to join and enjoy the streaming service without having to sign up for a subscription plan, the good news is that YouTube Music can be used for free. However, users need to be aware that they will have to deal with advertisements popping up, as the free service is an ad-supported tier.

Another downside is that mobile app users will not be able to play music in the background. There are also free trial options for users to explore over a certain period of time, such as free months or a two-week no risk trial.

In this way, users get to experience what a subscription-based account would feel like, to help them decide if they would like to proceed with a subscription plan offering a much better user experience, minus the ad content that people find to be quite annoying.

What makes YouTube Music unique to other music streaming platforms?

With YouTube Music, streamers will have access to unique music such as new artists, classics as well as official music videos, remixes and covers.

YouTube Music will offer an experience beyond just listening, as they get to experience content such as concert footage, live recordings as well as access to global music moments.

You basically get to enjoy music in the different elements it comes with, not just as lists of different songs, but also as videos making the platform stand out from the rest with the added benefit of video content.

Downloading music from YouTube Music to listen offline

This feature will work best for a YouTube Music Premium member. You will be able to download your favourite tunes and videos and will need to reconnect to the internet every 30 days to maintain and refresh your downloads.

Users will be able to download content for offline use by either turning on smart downloads, where the app will automatically download for you based on your previous listening history. Or by you, as the user, picking playlists, songs or albums to download that are specific to you and your desired taste.

How to play music in the background without a subscription

Luckily, there is a small gap letting users play music in the background without having to have a subscription. You will need to open the music website in your device’s browser, and select desktop mode in settings. Then you will need to press play on the music you want to listen to, and then turn off the display.

If the music stops, Android users need to wake the screen for play controls, while iPhone users swipe to the control centre to play.


Compared to the old-school way of downloading music onto your device for a certain fee, music streaming services offer a convenient and easy way of accessing wide varieties of different types of music. Which are all at affordable once-off or recurring subscription prices for users to enjoy whenever they want, wherever.

For those who want to make use of such platforms, but for free, YouTube Music allows you access to its large library of not just music, but musical video content as well. If you are willing to deal with the ad content, you will still enjoy YouTube Music content.