Is YouTube Premium worth getting?

What makes YouTube Premium worth getting, what are the benefits of the paid subscription service, how does it affect creators and what other paid services are under YouTube?


YouTube is the biggest online video viewing and sharing content platform. It is where content creators go to share their content and where music videos, and a whole range of other topics are covered for users to consume. There are different subscription plans to choose and a free version.

The free version which the majority of viewers use, comes with features such as ads. A YouTube Premium subscription, however, will come with a range of benefits and no limitations as opposed to the free version of YouTube, leaving some to wonder if YouTube Premium might be something worth paying for.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a subscription service offered by the YouTube platform to make your experience of YouTube a much better one.

Most YouTube viewers on the free version will know that it comes with some limitations, with the biggest being the number of ads that pop up at any point while you are about to watch a video, or when you are in the middle of watching a video, which can be pretty frustrating.

YouTube Premium is your answer to all of that, as it will give you access to YouTube without the hassle of ads as well as other benefits that make your experience an even better one.

Is YouTube Premium worth getting?

With all that YouTube Premium will have to offer, deciding if YouTube Premium is the best option for you is entirely up to you and the YouTube experience you are after.

If you are looking for ease of access on the platform, then getting YouTube Premium will make sense.

However, if you do not feel like it is worth it for you to pay just so you do not have to worry about the number of ads, then perhaps getting Premium is not the right thing for you.

Subscribing to YouTube Premium is preference based, especially when you factor in affordability. Your decision will be based on whether you feel all that YouTube Premium has to offer you is worth you paying for it or not.

Deciding to go with YouTube Premium will be entirely a preferred choice.

What are the added benefits of Premium?

Should you choose to sign up for a Premium subscription, you will be getting ad-free viewing, which means that you will enjoy a viewing experience without the interruption of ads.

You get to experience access to YouTube Originals, which is original content from high-profile creators and TV shows, documentaries and movies.

Background Play will also allow you to listen to the audio of a video even when you leave YouTube on your mobile.

On top of that, you will be able to download YouTube videos and playlists easily and have access to YouTube Music Premium and all the features that come with it.

What are all of YouTube’s services?

There are many brands and services under YouTube. YouTube Premium is the site’s paid subscription service.

YouTube Music is a separate music streaming service that has its own app, allowing you to listen to music for free while streaming it.

YouTube Music Premium is the subscription version of YouTube Music and it costs $9.99. It also comes with benefits too, such as background play, offline downloads and higher bitrate audio in the music app.

YouTube TV is a live television service similar to Hulu, allowing you to watch live television and also YouTube Kids.

Are YouTube creators affected by subscriptions?

The answer to this is yes, YouTube Premium does affect content creators on the platform but in a positive way, as Premium still allows you to contribute to your favourite content creators regardless of YouTube ads being blocked as part of your subscription.

Most content creators will get a portion of their income from revenue sharing collected from ads.

Ad blockers can prevent creators from getting their revenue for ad views, which can be detrimental for a creator whose primary source of income on YouTube is determined by the views they get from ads.

Final thoughts

YouTube is the go-to source for the consumption of video content from your favourite content creators, brands and influencers. YouTube comes with different subscription plans, with the most popular one being the free version.

Other plans such as YouTube Premium offer better benefits and a viewing experience without limitations.

For those who feel that getting YouTube Premium is the better option for them, they will need to pay to enjoy Premium’s services.

Premium will come with perks that you cannot enjoy on the normal free version, including watching videos without the pop up of ads, which can be annoying.