Jazz confirms breakup from Tae

Shantae Young and Jasmine Kendrick, known by their online names, Jazz and Tae, recently confirmed their breakup, which they attributed to them drifting apart.

Jazz and Tae are American YouTubers who gained prominence on their couple’s channel, where they often partook in comedic challenges against each other.

The pair gained a large following as one of the most prominent lesbian couples on the platform, and have been inspiring others to be open about their sexuality and relationships.

Jazz and Tae have addressed breakup rumours multiple times in the past, however, in 2020, both YouTubers remained quiet on the topic.

Throughout 2020, Jazz and Tae withdrew from posting about one another on social media, and kept their YouTube videos to a minimum.

After months of ignoring the requests for a comment, Jazz took to her personal YouTube channel, ImLilPerfect, to confirm that they had indeed broken up.

The video, which was posted on Wednesday, 27 January 2021, saw Jazz sitting in her old room, which had been revamped to her personal style.

According to the YouTuber, Tae had moved out, causing for her to want to change up her room to represent a new start.

Jazz went through the series of events that led to their split, claiming that it had begun in early 2020.

She explained that they had begun to drift apart for no particular reason, and the lockdown period had been a catalyst for their breakup.

Jazz revealed that Tae had been dealing with mental health issues throughout the year, and admitted to having missed the signs.

Jazz also referenced Tae’s since-deleted Instagram post, in which she revealed their breakup to their audience before they had discussed it, which she claimed had led to further conflict between them.

When confronted, Tae explained that she had called out for help many times. Jazz further admitted that in retrospect, she now understands what she had done wrong.

Ultimately, the two decided to split amicably, but remain supportive of one another’s endeavours.