Jessie James Decker gets her body back after Reddit drama

Jessie James Decker has recently showcased her toned body, following the birth of her son and the body-shaming she experienced earlier this year on Reddit.

In the world of celebrity culture, the expectation of new mothers to snap back into shape immediately after they have given birth has become the norm. Hence, when celebrity mothers fail to do so, they are ridiculed and body shamed. Moreover, with the advent of social media and careless “Twitter fingers” that can type anonymously, cyberbullying celebrities that do not follow the trend of the “snap back” maternity body.

One of the most recent examples of this body and mommy-shaming is country singer, former reality star and entrepreneur, Jessie James Decker. In July 2021, the Southern city girl musician shared a series of tearful Instagram posts, speaking on the cyberbullying she experienced.

The Reddit drama

The post was addressing a new find by Decker on social media. She discovered that social media users had created a page on Reddit, on which they posted derogatory comments and posts about her body. Decker had given birth to her third child, Forrest Decker in 2018, with her husband, Eric Decker. Following the birth of her child, Decker took her time with her weight and body.

As a result, she was body shamed by anonymous social media users through the creation of the Reddit page. Seemingly, Decker discovered the page in July 2021, and addressed the issue via her Instagram. First addressing the matter through her stories, Decker stated, “So, I’ve always been pretty confident in myself and I’m not perfect. I’ve always fluctuated with my weight up and down, but I have to admit that I’ve recently been sent a Reddit page that rips me apart on a daily basis.”

Decker then went on to express how she felt about the Reddit page by explaining, “It is so disgusting to me the things I just saw. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to find it, but what I just discovered — I can’t believe there are people out there that say these things about people. How can you wake up and live with yourself? I’m shaking because I can’t believe what I’m reading. I need to stop, I’m gonna stop. But I just am very shocked by it.”

However, the most touching part of the Instagram story was when she stated, “I’m on a trip with my little girl and I’m hiding in the bathroom because I don’t want her to see me upset. I don’t want it to affect her, but I just want you to keep in mind that I’m a person. I’m a human being. Your words hurt me.”

She then affirmed that she was taking her time with getting back to her ideal weight as her changing body did not affect her confidence. This was until she read the Reddit page. Moreover, she asserted that she would take her time working on her body, as she was not in a haste. Her words in this regard were:

“I used to obsess over it [and] try to stay a certain weight. And most recently, over the past year, I’ve decided to let myself live. I work out and I eat what I want.” Adding, “When you’re writing blogs and stories and bullying me about how much weight I’ve gained and how fat my thighs are, I do take that offensively, because what is the messaging you’re sharing?”

Jessie James Decker’s revenge body

In November 2021, Decker took to Instagram to showcase her toned and fit body. The mother of three is currently vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Her latest images showcase that she has returned to the desired body and weight, as she was bikini clad, with the bikini and her pose showcasing a flat stomach and toned legs. The post served to showcase that she has gotten back her ideal body back, despite taking her time to reach her goal.

Moreover, the revelation of Decker returning to her ideal body and weight comes as she is preparing to go on her aptly titled national tour, The Woman I’ve Become. Her tour is set to begin in March 2022, with pre-order currently being open for the public to purchase tickets from the beginning of November 2021.