Does Jschlatt love Funkytown?

Seemingly, Jschlatt’s followers believe that the content creator and the song, Funkytown have a special relationship, because of the popular clip of him playing it while gaming.

Jschlatt, or Schlatt depending on association, is one of the most popular American gaming content creators today. Specifically, he is most popular for his YouTube gaming videos that are focused on games including Wii, Cities, Skylines and Minecraft, among other games. The YouTuber and gamer also has relations with embattled gaming content creator and YouTuber, CallMeCarson, as he was a member of the defunct SMPLive Minecraft server created by CallMeCarson.

The YouTuber’s most popular video is not on his own channel, as it is on SwaggerSouls’ stream on Twitch. In the video, Jschlatt is playing a song as he is part of the simulation with other gamers. The song in question is the 1979 disco classic, Funkytown by iconic American disco duo act, Lipps Inc. The single is from their debut album, Mouth to Mouth, which was released in 1979. However, the song was released as the second lead single from the album in 1980.

While the song plays, Jschlatt is one-track minded as he navigates his way through the simulation. Despite being called by other players, he does not engage with them. Following the clip being shared on YouTube, subscribers and followers of the game have since dubbed the single as his. Moreover, it is now known as a gaming tip that while Jschlatt is playing the song, then he should not be disturbed.

Fun facts about the clip in question is that since being posted on YouTube in January 2021, it has amassed over 1,45 million views. A ratio of likes of 99.7 percent and the estimated value of the over a minute video is estimated to be between $29 040 and $33 690.