Is Jschlatt retiring?

Jschlatt is considering retiring from producing YouTube videos, which was brought on by a series of unfortunate events in his personal life.

Schlatt, popularly known as Jschlatt, is a gaming content YouTuber who garnered a steady following on the platform for videos that are focused on games such as Minecraft, Cities, Skylines and a variety of Wii games. His first video on YouTube was uploaded in June 2014, almost a year after he created the channel in July 2013. Previously, his main channel was called Jschlatt Main Channel, which he stopped uploading to in March 2019.

Following his last upload on the main channel, he focused on growing his following on his other YouTube channel, JschlattLIVE, a channel which currently has over three million subscribers since it was created in April 2019. The videos on this channel focus on his various interests, as he shares his various opinions, stunts and challenges he sets for himself. However, the through-line of this channel is how he has managed to create a signature through his click bait video titles, such as Twitter Unverified Me, This is my last video, The worst day of my life and We made this game TERRIBLE.

However, his most contentious video is his I’ve been thinking of retiring video. Firstly, this is not a click bait video, as he details how his personal life has affected his desire to make videos. Having faced a health scare after swallowing magnets, not having permanent residency after selling his house and losing his grandmother, Jschlattt seemingly ran out of steam, as he stated:

“I guess you guys might have been able to pick up on that fact, given I haven’t really uploaded in two months, it’s been all but radio silence from my camp. And even my most recent videos have just been me sitting down, talking about how grumpy I am. It’s been ‘old man yells at clouds’ for months.” Adding that, “And honestly, what right do I have to complain about my situation, getting three million views on every f**king video. It just doesn’t seem that fair.”

Currently, Jschlatt is contemplating quitting YouTube, as he has not been fully committed to the idea. This is as there are still plans and deals which he has in the pipeline, and he needs to contemplate whether he is willing to let go of them.