Juliette Angelo learns of NCIS character, Emily Fornell’s death via text

Juliette Angelo bid farewell to her character, Emily Fornell, on CBS’ NCIS in early March 2021, after she suffered an overdose that occurred off-screen.

Juliette Angelo surprised NCIS viewers with her departure from the long-running CBS drama when her character, Emily Fornell, suffered an overdose. The actress appeared on the series for almost a decade, as she debuted at the age of 13 as a recurring character since 2011. The episode, titled “Winter Chill,” which aired on Tuesday, 9 March 2021, saw the team receiving news that Emily had suffered an overdose and did not make it out alive.

The episode saw her father, Tobias, a former FBI agent, finding his daughter unresponsive at home. This was after he had shared the news with Gibbs that they were planning on moving to Costa Rica now that Emily was clean. Emily’s death occurred off-screen, with the other characters being the ones to receive and react to the devastating news.

Juliette’s sudden departure led fans to question whether her exit was due to internal conflict within the production, or if it was always intended for the character to die. In an Instagram Story shared after the airing of the episode, the actress stated, “Thank [you all] for your messages about NCIS. It was a shock, for all of us. I found out the same time as you, via text. Lots of emotions about this. Just wanted to pop by in the midst of my social media break and say thanks for all the love these past years. Emily has been a part of my life since I was 13. As a newly 22-year-old, it has certainly been a journey. Onward.”

Her comment alluding to the fact that she was not informed about her dismissal prior to the episode angered NCIS fans, who subsequently pleaded with the show to give the long-running character a fitting exit. NCIS has not made reference to the character’s death in any of its social media posts thus far, which has sparked further speculation regarding Juliette’s exit.