Know that you are good enough

As we grow and attempt to find our way on this earth, we measure our worth by comparing ourselves to others.

We are our own worst critics of our abilities, worth and value. The world of social media has made it easy for us to compare ourselves to others. We observe other people’s lives and begin to feel inadequate about our own lives, based on what we consume visually. We forget that social media realities are carefully selected and curated for public consumption. People do not post their worst times, but select images which give an illusion of a good and fulfilling life.

Our society has constructed ideologies in place which determine our success or failure. Take a look at the education system that is widely used. Students are all measured using the same standard of measure in the form of tests and exams. The widely used education system fails to address a few errors.

People are different. We are socialised differently, our biological makeup is unique from person to person, our abilities differ and limit us to perform certain tasks. Failure to be successful according to the system will lead to ostracism and stigma. The system creates a ‘normal’ and abnormal dichotomy. People who fail to reach educational expectations are left feeling like they are not good enough. Reality is, intelligence cannot only be attributed to or measured by memory retention in an exam. Intelligence is broad and can be cultivated in varying fields. There is always something that you will be good at.

Despite all of these, always know that you are good enough. People are not meant to be all the same. You should never allow other people’s opinions of you to define you. Your contribution is needed in this world, never put yourself in the shadows just because you are different.