Know when to walk away

Everyone has a limit and there are things that will be difficult for them to tolerate.

We sometimes hold onto something that no longer makes us happy. At times it’s fear of the unknown and the fact that we are used to it, other times it’s being afraid of change and how we adapt to it.

Be aware of what you deserve

If your partner isn’t treating you the way you want them to, let them know. You need to know your self-worth. If someone doesn’t bring the right energy around you, don’t stay. We stay in relationships for many reasons; it can be that you two have been together for such a long and you don’t want to start over with someone else. Ask yourself if staying in the relationship will not affect you emotionally nor drain you. What is the use of being in an environment that stresses you out? Even if you are finding it hard to believe, you are a beautiful soul and you deserve  much better than what you are receiving.

Know that you are strong

You can hold onto something and be concerned about what people will say if they find out that you walked away. You are worried about coming out as someone who is weak. You are not weak but rather strong for knowing when to walk away.

There is a huge difference between giving up and walking away. Giving up is when you’ve lost all hope, and walking away is when you know your self-worth. If the people around you are calling you a failure, it’s time you reconsider if you should even be close to them. Your loved ones are people who should be encouraging you and accepting the decisions that you make. No one understands what you are doing but yourself. You cannot make everyone happy with what you do in your life so put yourself first before considering other people’s feelings.