Lauren Elizabeth buys new house after breaking up with Cameron Fuller

Lauren Elizabeth appears to be ushering in the new year with a fresh start, as she has bought a new house after her emotional breakup from Cameron Fuller.

Lauren Elizabeth and Cameron Fuller began dating in 2017, and showcased the progression of their relationship on each other’s social media pages.

The couple was quite open about their romantic life and eventually established a fan base that supported their relationship from the onset.

Both Lauren and Cameron gained fame as actors individually, and built their YouTube careers prior to their romance, which has continued after as well.

On Sunday, 3 January 2021, Lauren finally addressed the rumours that had been circulating regarding the status of their relationship.

According to the YouTuber, she felt it necessary to confirm that she and Cameron had broken up, as she had purchased a new home and her audience would have noticed if they were not moving in together.

Lauren went on to explain that her silence was also due to the fact that she was severely heartbroken and depressed, and was not in a place to make the breakup final by posting it on social media.

She stated, “Maybe this is the deepest and hardest I’ve ever loved that I now understand what heartbroken means because you literally feel like something has been taken out of your body. It’s severe, severe pain.”

After discussing their breakup, she revealed that she felt the need to move out of Los Angeles and find a place of her own. She managed to use her move as a way to distract herself and focus on something positive, rather than dwell on the past.

Cameron has chosen to stay quiet on the matter and continues to run his YouTube channel with fellow actor, Greg Sulkin.