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Learning the fundamentals of saving from as early as high school

Learning the fundamentals of saving from as early as high school

Carrying a lunchbox to school ensures that you spend your pocket money wisely and save most of it.

When I was starting out high school, my parents insisted that I continue carrying my lunchbox to school, as I had done so in primary school. This came with a day-to-day allowance of R30, which was quite a lot back then because I could buy myself a soft drink, pie and sweets with it.

Although I had spending money, I ended up saving quite a bit of it, thanks to the lunchbox. This began from being satiated with my lunch that I wouldn’t need to buy extra food with my allowance but grew into a saving habit for me. Although the temptation and peer pressure beckoned me to spend my money, I was disciplined enough to save a set amount, and spend the change on snacks.

My friends and I had a habit of contributing towards snacks that we would buy after school while we caught up on the day before parting ways and going home. Out of my daily allowance of R30, I would contribute R10 to the snack fee, and save R20.

Ultimately, I ended up saving R100 per week, and a total of R400 a month, all while in Grade 8. This decision developed into habit, over time. I found it important not to spend on things I did not need and also found cost-effective ways of doing my necessities. I carried a lunchbox with me throughout high school and into university.

Although the nature of my work sees me working from home, I have no doubt that I would be carrying a lunchbox to work, had I been working at an office.